BACH Imagine: Transcribed Selections [TrackList follows] – Jean Rondeau, solo harpsichord – Erato/Warner Classics 0 825646 220090. 79:56 [1/27/15] ****:

BACH By Syrinx + CPE BACH: Flute Concerto in A [TrackList follows] – Simion Stanciu, syrinx/ Ens. Orch. de Normandie/ Jean-Pierre Berlingen/Zurich Ch. Orch./Edmond de Stoutz – Cascavelle VEL 3153 [Distr. by Albany] ****:

First we have here the debut CD from a hot new French harpsichordist who delights in playing solo harpsichord transcriptions of Bach works originally for violin, the lute, and flute. There is also the Italian Concerto for solo harpsichord, without transcription. Rondeau says in his notes “If only one proof were necessary for revealing the harpsichord’s true face, it would doubtless be this Concerto.”

Rondeau does play with a lot of gusto and obvious enjoyment of Bach’s music. The works originally for violin and keyboard don’t seem to miss the string instrument at all. The same goes for the original flute and lute works. And the sonics as well as the length of the program are totally up to date. His harpsichord was created from two authentic German models and the recording was made last year in Paris.


Suite in c minor BWV 997
Sonata in d minor BWV 964
Chaconne in d minor
Partita for flute BWV 1013
Italian Concerto BWV 971
Adagio in G Major BWV 968


Romanian Simion “Syrinx” Stanciu, who passed away four years ago, was the king of the panpipes. He arranged many classical works for the panpipes and made these recordings between 1992 and 1999. He also performed and made several recordings in the crossover area. All the works on this program were originally for flute and orchestra, so not that much transcription was required.  There are a number of fine CDs of panpipes with piano or organ, but with an orchestra the effect is really glorious. Once one gets past the amazing virtuosity you start to appreciate the wonderful Bach works. The program is concluded with a transcription of the Flute Concerto in A by CPE Bach.


J.S. BACH: Flute Concerto in e minor BWV 1056
” Flute Concerto in d minor BWV 1060
” Suite (Overture) No. 2 in b minor BWV 1067
CPE BACH: Flute Concerto in A Major WQ 168/H 438

—John Sunier