Colin Hay – Going Somewhere; Compass Records

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Colin Hay – Going Somewhere; Compass Records 7 4406 2 CD ***1/2: 

This disc was originally released in 2000 by Lazy Eye Records America,
but it had since gone out of print.  Since that time Colin had a
song on the #1 soundtrack for the movie, Garden State.  As a bonus
it is included on this disc.  All the words and music are written
by Hay or co-written with another (four tracks).  Most listeners
will find his voice instantly recognizable as the lead vocalist for the
popular 80s band, Men At Work.  On songs like track two it’s hard
not to think back to some of that older material and reminisce. 
This record has the personal touch like a lot of those songs did, but
here, the music feels much less produced.  You still get pleasant,
acoustic, folk rock, but for instruments we have the only an acoustic
guitar and vocals—nothing more.  The song lyrics wax poetic, but
only meander around deep meanings.  In fact, sometimes I felt I
was listening to a Bjork tune with lyrics that just pop out of
nowhere.  They are more like the musings of a middle-aged man with
storytelling in mind.  Just about every song has a lazy, relaxed
quality—even when it gets more serious like in “Children On
Parade.”  The evenness of the record (in this case) is a good
thing and makes for an easy listen.  Fans of solo guitar music
will appreciate the style of Going Somewhere, while others will be left
wanting for a multi-instrument record. 

In terms of sound, vocals are little congested, but the guitar is very
enjoyable if just a little on the warm side of neutral.  Hay may
have got a lot of notice for “I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over
You” although next to this material it sounds very similar.  At
first listen I didn’t really warm up to the disc, but after several
listens I really began to appreciate the feel of the record—don’t
dismiss it after only one listen or you’ll be missing out.  Songs
included are:  Beautiful World; Looking For Jack; Going Somewhere;
Wayfaring Sons; Children On Parade; My Brilliant Feat; Waiting For My
Real Life To Begin; Don’t Wait Up; Lifeline; Circles Erratica; Water
Song; Maggie; I Don’t Know Why.  Bonus Tracks: Waiting For My Real
Life To Begin (radio edit); I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You
(radio edit).

-Brian Bloom

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