Diego Amador – Rio de las Canasteros – World Village

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Diego Amador – Rio de las Canasteros – World Village 468081 [Distr. by Harmonia mundi] ****:

(Diego Amador – piano, voice, guitar, bass, mandola, keyboards; Tomatito – guitar; La Susi – voice; plus percussion, table, vocals, palmas performers (flamenco hand-clapping))

We raved about the first CD on this label from flamenco rebel Amador.  On that one he concentrated more on his unusual translation of flamenco from the guitar to the piano, whereas on this one his ensemble has broadened out with other flamenco performers and the mood is more of a juerga – flamenco jam session.  Amador still gets in some amazing ivory-tickling; it’s fascinating how much like flamenco guitar some of his improvisations sound. He also even delves into some keyboard synth effects.

The album’s title, River of the Basket Weavers, refers to a traditional craft of the nomadic Roma tribes. The track Miel y sal has elements of a top-40 pop tune; the backup vocal group sounds almost like a flamenco version of the Andrews Sisters. Accompanying his own cante, Amador’s piano stylings fit tightly to what he is singing and play up a strongly percussive quality that with the palmas and tapping sounds plus the soaring melodies makes for a potent mix.

There are nine tracks total, some as basic as Amador’s voice and piano, whereas others employ eight or more players.  I wish there were English translations of at least some of the songs.  Sonics are excellent; this would be a great audiophile demo CD, and translates well to a surround effect with ProLogic II.


1. Sangre milenaria; 1. Rio de los canasteros; 3. Miel y sal; 4. Aires de Levante; 5. Calle las flores; 6. Mi flamenca; 7. Muerto de amor; 8. Suena mi guitarra; 9. Al Latin

 – John Henry

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