Earl Klugh – Naked Guitar – Koch Records

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Earl Klugh – Naked Guitar; Koch Records KOC-CD-9949 CD ****: 

It’s been quite a while since I’d listened to an Earl Klugh
record.  In the early 90s, on the retail stereo sales floor, we
used to play his hits CD to death.  Everyone liked the music and
it was so well recorded that it made great demo material.  This
disc is simply fantastic sounding.  The sound is natural, vibrant
and alive.  It is strictly solo classical guitar in a jazz style
and the guitar comes across bigger than reality—or perhaps the speakers
were too far apart.  In any case, the sound is amazing and the
size didn’t detract from my enjoyment.  All these songs (save one)
are written by others and are classics.  Those who like classical
guitar are sure to fall in love with this record.  There’s not
much to say about the music except that it’s sweet, smooth, and
seductive.  There is sure to be a few raised eyebrows and quiet
mirth when track seven, “Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead,” from the Wizard
of Oz comes on.  The arrangement on the Beatles’ tune is almost
unrecognizable, but interesting none the less.  “Moon River” is
full of embellishments that flesh out the song and offer a different
take on this classic. 

All in all,
this is a terrific collection of songs and a very pleasant listening
experience.  Songs included are:  The Night Has Thousand
Eyes; Baubles, Bangles And Beads; Serenata; Alice In Wonderland; In The
Moonlight; The Summer Knows; Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead; Who Can I
Turn To; On a Clear Day; Be My Love; I Want To Hold Your Hand; All The
Things You Are; Moon River; Angelina.

-Brian Bloom

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