Editorial for November 2005

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THIS MONTH’S DRAWING is for the new Sirius Satellite
Radio model of the acclaimed Tivoli FM/AM Table Radio. A lucky
AUDIOPHILE AUDITION reader will be the winner of this great-sounding
radio in early December. All you need to do to be eligible for the
drawing is to have either Registered on this site in the past or go HERE to
register right now. The winner will be announced in our December issue
and for that month we will be awarding a pair of Aperion tower
loudspeakers. We won’t share your email addresses.
(Last month’s disc winners listed below.)

to the web publication for audio, music and home theater, emphasizing
hi-res and surround sound for music! AUDIOPHILE AUDITION began as a
weekly national radio series hosted by John Sunier, which aired for 13
1/2 years on up to 200 public radio and commercial stations coast to
This month is our 81st issue, with AUDIOPHILE AUDITION having moved
away from monthly editions to an ongoing publishing schedule. Instead
of all reviews being published at the start of each month, they are now
added throughout the month as they are written. This ensures you get
the latest reviews, without having to wait a month for new content. See
our new component reviews of the Sunfire Theater Grand IV and the
Pioneer DV-59AVi universal player.
We have also reorganized the web site to make it easier to navigate and
find content. Instead of all reviews appearing on a Section Index, now
just the headline, album cover, and publication date appear. The most
recent reviews appear at the top of each Section Index. To read the
full review, click on the headline and you will be taken directly to a
page for that review. The Home Page lists the five latest published
reviews, the Section Index lists the past two months of reviews, the
Archive goes back to June 1, 2005 and for all reviews by month prior to
that you need to click on the Old Archive.  The Disc Index also
lists all reviews in every section for the past month.

We welcome your feedback, and have even created a “Reader Feedback”
section. Please send us your comments, and we will review and possibly
post them to that new feedback section. We have made these changes to
provide you with a more useful service, and  we look forward to
publishing many more timely reviews from now on!
Check back with us frequently for more reviews & news!


*** WINNERS of last month’s drawing for PentaTone Multichannel Hybrid SACDs:  Edgar
Rivera, Bill Steele, Bob York, Paul Harrison, Ron Schachter, Chenning
Tong, Brett DeVoe, Rick Schroeder, Timothy Fluharty, Robert Walter,
Inman Breaux, Rich Rosenthal.

We have an affiliation with an exciting AV online forum
for those who would like to share with others your views, news,
questions and answers about music, audio and home theater. Currently
well over 4000 register members participate; it’s like having your own
AV club online. And it’s free!
Have fun interconnecting!

Steve Hoffman Forum banner

Geffen, Donna Dorsett, Patricia Rimmer, Laurence Vittes, Tom Gibbs,
Lemco, Brian Bloom, John Henry, Peter Bates, Ron
Legum, Paul Pelon IV, Jeff Dorgay, James A. Fasulo, Calvin Harding Jr.,
Birney Brown, Jeff Krow, William Sommerwerck, John Sunier.

(For a description of John Sunier’s audio system used in his reviewing Go Here and scroll down about eight systems’ worth.)

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