Freeway Jam – To Beck and Back, A Tribute – Tone Center

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Freeway Jam – To Beck and Back, A Tribute – Tone Center TC-4057 2, 55 min. ***:

Here’s a perfect album for your Sunday brunch party.  Core band members Jeff Richman, Vinnie Colaiuta, Mitchel Forman, Stu Hamm and Simon Phillips get a little help from a brilliant group of musicians to pay tribute to Jeff Beck, one of the world’s best  rock guitarists!

Each song wouldn’t be  complete without the solo guitar performances by the following marvelous maestros; Steve Morse, John Scofield, Eric Johnson, Adam Rogers, Jeff Richman, Mike Stern, Warren Haynes, Chris Durante, Greg Howe and Walter Trout.  

The years of experience and albums released by the contributors alone are staggering.  Placing them together on one album makes sense.  The album is definitely a cross between Rock and Jazz.  I’m not sure if it’s the lead guitar or piano that give the songs a jazzy feel, but the melodic flow of songs like Freeway Jam, Diamond Dust and El Becko are perfect examples.   Freeway Jam has a very crisp sound, perfect for chilling out or background music for a martini party.

Jeff Richman said he wouldn’t even be a guitarist if it wasn’t for Jeff Beck, “As a child I could not stop listening to his mind boggling, wacky, gut wrenching riffs from the Yardbirds, his playing completely changed my life.”  Listen to the music and find out for yourself.

TrackList: Freeway Jam, Over Under Sideways Down, Beck’s Balero, Led Boots, El Becko, Diamond Dust, The Pump, Behind the Veil, Blue Wind, and Brush with Mr. Blues.

— Paul Pelon IV

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