Guitarist Peder af Ugglas – Autumn Shuffle

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Peder af Ugglas – Autumn Shuffle; Opus 3 Hybrid Multichannel SACD  – CD 22042 ***1/2: 

This disc starts off with a soft folk blues track and much of the
material is guitar-based blues rock ala Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits
(without the vocals).  Peder was influenced by artists like Louis
Armstrong, Jan Johansson, and The Rolling Stones, and, all the material
on this disc is original.  He went from boogie woogie on the piano
to classical music, but his love is jazz, rock, and blues.  He’s
done music for TV and film, and worked for a long time with many of the
musicians featured on this disc.  Songs like “Wino’s Dance” are
almost comic and entertain on two levels.  The recording is
particularly good and the electric guitar isn’t overdone as on some
records.  The surround effect is subtle in its implementation and
shouldn’t offend stereo fans.  Though the guitar is Peder’s
instrument of choice, on this record he plays mandolin, keyboards and
piano, and some percussion.  The accompanying band includes a
trombonist, harmonica player, organ, sax, accordion, an upright bass,
and drums.  Even when the music gets lively and dynamic it never
gets aggressive or hard sounding.  If anything, some people may
find the record too mellow and laid back (although songs like “Central
South” are not dull or uninvolving in any way).  The tracks are
varied and slower tunes are mixed with livelier numbers for a nice
pace.  This is perfect music for an overcast weekend.  Songs
included are:  Harvest Song; Wino’s Dance; Autumn Shuffle; Central
South; Passion; Last Call; Far Away; Dawn; I Sold My Boat; Stockholm;
Passing By; Strife Within; A Hymn.

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