Jerry Goldsmith’s score for the film The Great Train Robbery

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JERRY GOLDSMITH: The Great Train Robbery – Music from the Film
conducted by Jerry Goldsmith – Varese Sarabande Multichannel SACD 302
066 55 2 ****:

This and a companion SACD, Timeline, have probably been issued in
connection with the recent passing of the emminent film composer. 
But it can only be a positive thing to have more of his high quality
scores available and in hi res surround sound to beat.  The film,
with Sean Connery and Donald Sutherland, came out in l979 and concerned
what was at the time called “The Crime of the Century” – the theft in
1855 London of 12,000 Pounds in gold bullion from a train.

Goldsmith fashioned a breathtaking opening theme for the film which
promises a  bloody good time to come both music-wise and with
screen action. Harp and harpsichord are often heard in the score, which
cues are described in detail in the note booklet, connecting them with
the progress of the film. The orchestra has a rich and glorious sound
which equals the best of the new-recorded symphonic versions of the
scores from past films.  But it is actually the original material
heard with the film. The complete set of 24-track master tapes was
discovered and remixed at the Todd-AO Scoring Stage for
multichannel  SACD.

Cues: Main title, Breakfast in Bed, No Respectable Gentleman, Clues,
Rotten Row, The First Key /Bordello Raid, Kiddie Kaper, Street Attack
/Casing the Station, Over the Wall, Night Entry, Double Wax Job, The
Tombstone, Departure, The Gold Arrives, Torn Coat, End Title.

– John Sunier

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