JJ Sansaverino – Sunshine After Midnight; Alzejo Music/BMI

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JJ Sansaverino – Sunshine After Midnight; Alzejo Music/BMI CD ***1/2: 

When I think of radio stations that have taglines like “the quiet
storm” I think of records like this one.  It’s full of groovin’
jazz with electric guitar and walks the line between fusion and
contemporary straight-ahead jazz.  The electronic drum machine and
backing vocals a la hip-hop lite is reminiscent of early to mid 90s
fusion—and that’s not a bad thing.  Think Karl Denson or Norman
Brown with a bit more funk.  My co-worker said the first track
would be a perfect track at the end of a Will Smith movie—an
observation that is not far off the mark as it does have a soundtrack
flavor to it.  A lot of the guitar work seems to be inspired by
greats like Wes Montgomery and George Benson.  The second track
sounds a lot like “Breezin’.”  It even has some scratching like a
Soul Live record.  From a sampling of only the first few songs the
listener will realize that there is a nice variety of tracks.

Track four and 10 are a little reggae, six is Latin influenced, and
seven is a harder funk/soul-like track ala Santana.  Guitar and
other acoustic sounds are very good while the electronic sounds have a
slightly processed quality.  None of the music is harsh or in your
face—it’s mellow and smooth and worth more than a casual listen. 
If this disc doesn’t get a lot of airplay on the lite/smooth jazz
stations I’d be surprised.  Check it out!  Songs included
are:  Sunshine; Swing Easy; On The Avenue; Rejuvenation; Just
about Everybody; Fuego; The Rhythm of the City; Fallen Heroes; Mother;
Victory of Righteousness; My Lover; JoenZe.

-Brian Bloom

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