John Lennon – Mind Games (Mobile Fidelity Gold CD)

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John Lennon – Mind Games; MFSL UDCD 761 Gold CD ***1/2: 

Here we have a classy Mobile Fidelity treatment of a classic John
Lennon record from 1973.  The title track, “Mind Games,” preaches
the truth according to Lennon—love and peace conquers all.  Some
of the tunes are honky-tonk, some are love songs to Yoko, and all put
forth ideas and beliefs that Lennon held dear.  At the start, “Out
of the Blue” is reminiscent of “Sexy Sadie,” but the tunes like this
one definitely fall into the newer style Lennon adopted after the
Beatles.  The importance of people is a recurring theme,
especially the concept that every man or woman can change the
world.  “You are Here” has a Hawaiian/tropical sound and is
another love song—”Wherever you are, you are here”—sharing the
closeness he has with his love.  The insert is one of the most
interesting parts of this reissue.  It contains many drawings by
John Lennon, photographs, documentation relating to Nutopia,
advertising relating to the album release, a shot of a the record chart
showing Mind Games at #10, and some select quotes from newspapers on
the new record.  “Aisumasen (I’m Sorry)” has lovely, simplistic
lyrics that match the sincere sound of the music—it’s a favorite of
mine.  This record may not have some of Lennon’s more popular
material like “Imagine,” “Watching the Wheels,” or “Give Peace a
Chance” but it is a solid effort nonetheless. 

included are:  Mind Games; Tight A$; Aisumasen (I’m Sorry); One
Day (At A Time); Bring On The Lucie (Freda Peeple); Nutopian
International Anthem; Intuition; Out The Blue; Only People; I Know (I
Know); You Are Here; Meat City.  Bonus tracks:  Aisumasen
(I’m Sorry) [Home Version]; Bring on the Lucie (Freda Peeple) [Home
Version]; Meat City [Home Version].

-Brian Bloom

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