Josh SINTON Predicate Trio: Making Bones – Iluso Records

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Josh SINTON Predicate Trio: Making Bones – Iluso Records 2014 –  2018: ****:

(Josh Sinton; bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, Christopher Hoffman; cello, Tom Rainey; drums)

Poem by Casey Bush

Portrait Josh Sinton Bass Clarinet

Josh Sinton

The shadow of a tattoo is like meditation best done before an empty mirror, channeling each chakra as a cat chases its tail around the banyan tree.  Did we pass this lifetime in a blink or just a twinkle?   Each of us wears a mask that reveals the expression concealed by pretense.   Memories of a dream are a fenced pasture with an open gate.    The water stain on my leather jacket cannot be removed or forgotten but instead must be shed like a snake’s skin.   Conflicting opinions mingle beneath an unturned stone.   All the windows and doors of the temple

Portrait Scott Singon

Josh Sinton
by @Scott Friedlander

catch fire revealing the naked pilgrims within.   The smell of licorice, sage and cedar drift across the horizon, balanced on the shoulder of a mountain ridge, crest of an ocean wave.

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