Life Is Jazz; Le Maquis – Disqes Dreyfus

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Life Is Jazz; Le Maquis – Disqes Dreyfus DRY 16707 CD ***1/2: 

This is a wonderful compilation of modern “nu-jazz” material from
France produced by Le Maquis.  The disc insert gives the listener
an idea to as to what this record is about: basically, the essence of
jazz and its evolution.  As both a jazz and modern music lover it
is terrific to find records like this one.  There is a nice amount
of variety in the tracks, and the material is upbeat and pleasantly
rhythmic.  There is a concentration of horn-based jazz with
sampling, electronic backing, and beat/dance music added.  “JAZZ
is a breath of life, a take on words, the creation of an original
chaotic sound, a constant renovation of our mental contemporary
horizon.  One man, one voice.  Away from the schools, and our
changing world, Jazz continues a constant dialogue with its unique
sources of inspiration, its constant evolution in life and its sense of
hope and distress.”  So true.  And what better way to prove
it than by the music on this disc?  Check it out. 

Songs included are:  Squeezer – Eric Le Lann; Sunday Night – Bibo;
Corovon – Metropolitan Jazz Affair; SoSo Theme – SoSo; Mdame Mope –
Ozone Cocktail; Yunowhathislifeez (Shabada Mix) – Metropolitan Jazz
Affair; Meikuu – Uusi Fantasia; Tammi – Rinne Radio; Little Nile – The
Most; Escape from the Trump Tower – Eric Le Lann; The Plot – The Most;
Roughneck – Eddie Roberts; Finisterre – Eric Le Lann.

-Brian Bloom

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