LUDOVICO EINAUDI: In a Time Lapse [Tracklist follows] – Var. soloists, Daniel Hope, v./ Orchestra I Virtuosi Italiani/ Einaudi – Ponderosa(/br)LUDOVICO EINAUDI: Elements [Tracklist follows] – Var. soloists & Einaudi – Ponderosa

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LUDOVICO EINAUDI: In a Time Lapse [Tracklist follows] – Var. soloists, Daniel Hope, v./ Orchestra I Virtuosi Italiani/ Einaudi – Ponderosa 105 (3/12/13) [Distr. by Harmonia mundi] ****: (/br)

LUDOVICO EINAUDI: Elements [Tracklist follows] – Var. soloists & Einaudi – Ponderosa 132 (10/9/15) [Distr. by Harmonia mundi] ****:

Einaudi has quickly become one of the most-heard contemporary composers on recordings. While he works in many different genres (incl. pop, world music, folk music, and rock), most of his music is in the New Age category. He has done the scores for numerous motion pictures, including the Doctor Zhivago TV miniseries. Although he studied with Berio, his music doesn’t sound like that – being more ambient, meditative and often introspective.

Einaudi put together a new ensemble in addition to his many guest musicians, and uses different aggregations on each track of his 2013 CD, In a Time Lapse.  The piano predominates here, with subtle accompaniment  from strings or electronica. In “Underwood” Daniel Hope plays the violin in a heartrending melody above sparse piano accompaniment, and “Experience” features the larger strings weaving despair and longing. Einaudi has released a book of solo piano sheet music versions all these tracks, which are predominantly piano anyway. Most are not that difficult for the pianist. The iTunes version – though of course compressed MP3 audio files – has five bonus tracks which are not on this physical CD.

This album was recorded over two years in a remote monastery near Verona and has a more chamber music sound than Einaudi’s usual efforts. There are piano-based progressions not that different from Chopin or Satie, as well as minimalism. Some tracks have soothing and trancelike wave motions and “Life” has piano with glockenspiel against flowing string lines. This is all certainly much superior to most New Age music of today.


 1 CoraleLudovico Einaudi2:04
2Time LapseLudovico Einaudi5:32
3LifeLudovico Einaudi, Daniel Hope & I Virtuosi Italiani4:22
4WalkLudovico Einaudi3:27
5Discovery At NightLudovico Einaudi4:25
6RunLudovico Einaudi & I Virtuosi Italiani5:32
7BrothersLudovico Einaudi4:51
8OrbitsLudovico Einaudi & Daniel Hope2:57
9Two TreesLudovico Einaudi6:25
10Newton’s CradleLudovico Einaudi & PMCE Parco delle Musica Contemporanea Ensemble7:52
11WaterwaysLudovico Einaudi4:17
12ExperienceLudovico Einaudi, Daniel Hope & I Virtuosi Italiani5:15
13UnderwoodLudovico Einaudi & Daniel Hope4:13
14BurningLudovico Einaudi & I Virtuosi Italiani4:59


Elements is a bit darker in tone than In a Time Lapse. Although he has moved away from piano solos, that instrument remains front and center, with the addition of strings, percussion and electronica.  Violinist Daniel Hope is heard again on “Petricor,” but the album is more than just a repetition of his earlier style. While less edgy than In a Time Lapse, some tracks even have an almost jazzy feeling to them, not sounding like your usual Einaudi. Some consider the track “Logos” to be absolutely mesmerizing. Again, the iTunes download also has three bonus tracks. The double-fold cardboard alternative to the jewelbox on both albums is well done and improves the packaging.


1PetricorLudovico Einaudi & Daniel Hope6:34
2NightLudovico Einaudi & Amsterdam Sinfonietta5:30
3DropLudovico Einaudi5:00
4Four DimensionsLudovico Einaudi & Amsterdam Sinfonietta4:42
5ElementsLudovico Einaudi & Amsterdam Sinfonietta6:05
6Whirling WindsLudovico Einaudi & Amsterdam Sinfonietta5:58
7TwiceLudovico Einaudi5:21
8ABCLudovico Einaudi3:05
9NumbersLudovico Einaudi4:35
10MountainLudovico Einaudi6:13
11LogosLudovico Einaudi & Amsterdam Sinfonietta6:23
12Song  for Gavin  Ludovico Einaudi & Amsterdam Sinfonietta

—John Sunier

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