Montrose (self-titled) — Audio Fidelity AFZ 028 Gold CD

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Montrose (self-titled) — Audio Fidelity AFZ 028 Gold CD ***: 

Like the other gold CDs in the series, this disc is sourced from the
original two-track master tape and then played back on a modified
vintage tube deck.  Then it goes through a “proprietary A/D
converter.”  Montrose was fronted by guitarist Ronnie Montrose and
future Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar.  This is their debut release
from 1973 and features “Rock The Nation.”  The album doesn’t start
to really pick up till track three which sounds almost like it could be
a Zeppelin song.  Track four is similarly energetic—packed with
hard driving drums, guitar, and vocals.  Some of the tunes are
reminiscent of B.T.O. or Faces, but you could draw lots of
comparisons.  Track six reminded me of a Joe Walsh tune after just
watched the Eagles Farewell DVD.  The sound quality is good,
though not amazing, and the music is similar to other early 70s style
rock with heavy emphasis on electric guitar.  The disc is only 32
minutes in length, but contains decent material if you like the
genre.  For Hagar fans, it should be a must get.  Songs
included are:  Rock The Nation; Bad Motor Scooter; Space Station
#5; I Don’t Want It; Good Rockin’ Tonight; Rock Candy; One Thing On My
Mind; Make It Last.

-Brian Bloom

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