Moonlight, Blu-ray (2016)

A very moving feature about the life of a young black man.

Moonlight, Blu-ray (2016)

Actors: Denzel Washington, Russell Hornsby, Mahershala Ali, Stephen Henderson, Jovan Adepo
Studio: A21/ Pastel/ Lionsgate (3/14/7)
Video: 2.39:1 1080p HD color for 16:9 screens
Audio: English DTS-HD MA 5.1
Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish
Extras: Audio commentary with director Barry Jenkins, “Ensemble of Emotion” – The Making of Moonlight, The Music of Moonlight, “Cruel Beauty” – Filming in Miami, Ultraviolet digital HD
Length: 138 min.
Rating: ****1/2

In this feature nominated for eight Academy Awards (but which many think is over-rated), the life of the young man, Chiron, called “Black” in the second part, is divided into three parts, played by three different actors: at age 11, 17 and in his 20s. The actors look not alike at all. It’s a story of human connection and self-discovery in the life of a young black man growing up in a rough neighborhood of Miami, with great performances from the ensemble around him. But some reviewers have thought the whole film was a waste of time and money.

Chiron is brought up as a youngster by a generally good man who also happens to be a drug dealer. As a child he is beat up for being probably gay. In his teenage years he has a same-sex relationship with another young man which is the only one in his life. As he becomes older he builds himself up physically to make up for things, and also becomes a hardened drug dealer, but in the end returns to his friend.

Definitely not your typical gay men’s film. Fantastic acting, but rather slow.

—John Sunier

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