Philipp Gerschlauer/David Fiuczynski: Mikrojazz!: Neue Expressionistische Musik: Rare Noise records – 2018: ****:

(Philipp Gershlauer; saxophones, David Fiuczynski; guitar, Matt Garrison; bass, Jack DeJohnette; Drums, Georgi Mikadze; Keyboards)

Poetic review by Casey Bush

Beardless blemishes breed durable reflection providing pleasurable moments spawning a world of introspection halfway to no way.  Do you read me?  Over and out.  Language is informed by mathematics as numbers replace words and each digit is processed, left to hang like laundry out on the line, waving in the wind.   Sandpaper the integers.   Decode the bivalve.  Leave the Mikrojazz Philipp Gerschlauer, Album Coverlabyrinth to negotiate the maze.   Salute the spiked helmet perched on a flagpole just to move past the parade route.   Celebrate that end of a rainbow tucked over the horizon.   We are in a burning barn among a herd of horses reluctant to stampede.   When I say we, I mean more of me and less of you.  What I really mean is it’s better for all of us that you have felt obliged to share such a luminous faith.  This is not just a testimonial but the testimony itself.

1 MikroSteps 4:43
2 Für Mary Wigman 7:02
3 Lullaby Nightmare 3:37
4 MiCrOY Tyner 7:31
5 Umarmung 5:05
6 Last Chance 4:26
7 November 6:48
8 Hangover 7:57
9 LaMonte’s Gamelan Jam 6:32
10 Walking Not Flying 2:57
11 Sofia Im Türkischen Café 3:44 12 Zirkus Macabre 3:21

—Casey Bush

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