Shaggy – Lucky Day

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Shaggy – Lucky Day; MCA 088 113 215-2 Hybrid Multichannel SACD ***1/2: 

On this disc the surrounds are used for effect with concentration of
sound being up front.  It’s nice to see some newer (2002/2003),
mainstream releases on SACD—it’s really the only way the format will
gain any kind of market acceptance.  In the case of this disc, the
audio is superior to CD sound, so people should have no problem hearing
the other benefit—better sound.  Shaggy has a very distinctive
rich (sound of the island) voice for a rapper and is an acquired
taste.  He’s as Michael Jackson would say “a lover, not a
fighter.”  The music sways and seduces with its beat and melodic
hooks.  But don’t think he’s a polite (lite) rapper as is clearly
evidenced by listening to many of the lyrics of the tunes.  In
“Hookie Jookie” he talks about his sexual prowess and desires (of a
graphic nature) while there is female moaning and panting that circles
around the listener’s head. 

Almost half the songs feature guest artists that make the record far
more interesting than it would have been otherwise.  The addition
of Chaka Khan on track five caught my attention and made me think that,
perhaps, this song would be less chauvinistic.  I should have
known better—after all, the song is called “Get My Party On.” “Strength
of a Woman” is about as clean a song you will get on this record and
Shaggy recounts the beauty and glory of woman.  It’s a tribute to
womanhood in general and would be acceptable material for radio
play.  There is clearly enough good material on this disc to
recommend it for those who like this type of macho hip hop music with
rap.  Songs included are:  Shake Shake Shake; Full Control;
Hookie Jookie; Hey Sexy Lady – Original “Sting Intl.” Mix; Get My Party
On; Lucky Day; Strength Of A Woman; Lost; Strange Love; Leave Me Alone;
These Are The Lips; Give Thanks; Walking In My Shoes; We Are The Ones.

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