Steve Jobs – The Lost Interview (1995/2012)

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Steve Jobs – The Lost Interview (1995/2012)
In-depth interview videotaped in 1995 and thought lost
Studio: KOPB-TV/Magnolia Home Entertainment 10486 [10/23/12]
Video: 4:3 color
Audio: English PCM stereo
Subtitles: Spanish
Extras: Interview with Andy Hertzfeld, original MacIntosh programmer at Apple (1 hour), Audio-only interview with writer/presenter Robert X. Cringely, Commentary with director/producer Paul Sen and Robert X. Cringely
Length: 72 minutes (Jobs int.)
Rating: ****
Only a few minutes of this lengthy interview had been used by the Portland PBS station in a program about Jobs, and in shipment between Europe and Portland the master tape was lost. It was thought for 17 years there was no other copy of it until a staff member found a VHS tape copy in his garage. And here it is; looks fine – not at all like it originated on a VHS tape.
Jobs was running Next, making very pricey computers, at the time. It was about two years before he was asked to return to Apple and take control again and bring some of the Next programming into Apple. It’s a fascinating look at Jobs, as he talks about his early years, working part-time at Hewlett Packard at age 12!  And about his constructing the “blue boxes” with Steve Wozniak which were used to make phone calls worldwide without paying anything. One story was their trying to call the Pope at the Vatican, with Wozniak attempting to imitate Henry Kissinger. He says (at the time) Apple is continuing but is slowly going down the tubes. He is also asked about Microsoft and sums up their situation with the observation that they just don’t have any good taste.
Though Jobs and the other interviews would probably appeal more to computer nerds, I found the main interview to be quite candid and definitely worth viewing.
—John Sunier

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