The Mothers of Invention – We’re Only In It For The Money; Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Gold

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The Mothers of Invention – We’re Only In It For The Money; Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab UDCD 764 Gold CD **1/2: 

Depending on your point of view this record is either genius or
insanity.  These days it might make the listener think of
performance art or readings from stream-of-consciousness novels. 
There are elements of show tunes, classic rock, and general
weirdness.  The performers don’t take themselves seriously and
that’s a good thing otherwise a trip to the funny farm would be in
order.  The record was originally released in 1968 and has some of
the flavor of the rock operas and other experimental records (ala The
Kinks) of the time.  Frank Zappa is not known for sticking to a
formula and this album is a perfect example—voiceovers, classical
interludes, silly ditties, backward masking, an eclectic mix of sound
effects, and provocative lyrics are all here and there.  I wasn’t
on drugs while critically listening for the purpose of this review, so
my writings should be taken with a grain of salt as they would have
been completely different under those circumstances (as yours may be).

When you see the album cover it is hard not to do a double-take: 
Isn’t that the cover for the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club
Band?  Well…Not exactly.  Looking in the insert is just
another reminder that Zappa is behind most of the hijinks.  “All
the music heard on this album was composed, arranged &
scientifically mutilated by Frank Zappa (with the exception of a little
bit of surf music).”  Some choice lyrics: “You paint your head;
Your mind is dead; You don’t even know what I just said.” Yep. 
Trying to describe the music in more detail is a little
difficult.  The tracks are quite short, but are just the right
length.  As for the sound quality…it is quite good.  There
are so many layers of sound and they are easy to pick out in the
mix.  At times it was hard to concentrate on the music with all
the cacophony.  My co-worker came rushing in from the next room
and furiously demanded that I turn it off.  I think he just needs
a good dose of flower-power.  (Or attention from the provider of
Dynamo Hum?  And how about the return of Gold CDs; who woulda

Songs included are:  Are You Hung Up?; Who Needs The Peace Corps?;
Concentration Moon; Mom & Dad; Telephone Conversation; Bow The
Daddy; Harry, You’re A Beast; What’s The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?;
Absolutely Free; Flower Punk; Hot Poop; Nasal Retentive Calliope Music;
Let’s Make The Water turn Black; The Idiot Bastard Son; Lonely Little
Girl; Take Your clothes Off When You Dance; What’s The Ugliest Part Of
Your Body? (reprise); Mother People; The Chrome Plated Megaphone Of

-Brian Bloom

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