The Rolling Stones – Charlie is My Darling: Ireland 1965 – CDs/ LP/DVD/Blu-ray box set (1965/2012)

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The Rolling Stones – Charlie is My Darling: Ireland 1965 – CD/ LP/DVD/Blu-ray [TrackLists follow] (1965/2012)
Performers: Mick Jagger, vocals; Keith Richards, guitar and vocals; Brian Jones, guitar; Bill Wyman, bass; Charlie Watts, drums
Studio: ABKCO Films/ Because Entertainment LC 22670 3878110069 [11/6/12]
Video: DVD & Blu-ray – 4:3 (1080p HD for Blu-ray) B&W
Audio: English DVD – DD 5.1 & 2.0; Blu-ray – DTS-HD MA 5.1
Subtitles in seven languages
All regions
Video Extras: DVD & Blu-ray have both Director’s Cut and Producer’s Cut plus interviews with band & restoration demo
Box Set has 2 CDs:
Disc 1: Charlie is My Darling – Soundtrack album – 22 tracks
Disc 2: The Rolling Stones Live in England, March, 1965 – 13 tracks
Plus a 10-inch LP with same contents of Live in England
Also: 42 page hardbound book with essays and photos; Replica Tour Poster; Numbered limited edition enlarged film cells in 200+ variations
Lengths: Directors Cut (35:00); Producers  Cut (49:00); Interviews (65:00); CD 1 (53:56); CD 2 & LP (27:53)
Ratings: Audio: ***½       Video: ****       Historical Value: ****½
In celebration of the upcoming Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary, ABKCO Films has released the cult classic, but never officially-released film, The Rolling Stones Charlie is My Darling Ireland 1965. It was shot on a quick weekend tour in Ireland by director, Peter Whitehead, soon after the release of the Stones major hit, “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” with the hopes of getting the Stones interested in future full-length film projects.
What makes it so interesting today is that it shows in a behind the scenes “life on the road” format the excitement (to rival the Beatles) that The Rolling Stones elicited in their primarily female fans. The girls were worked up into a feeding frenzy of ecstasy throwing themselves along with chairs onto the stage. Stage security was no match for adolescent hormones and in Dublin and Belfast riots broke out with fans attacking their heroes. Rather than showing fear, the band seem to be at ease during their performances, and almost amused. Keith Richards, when interviewed later described their attitude as “Get in and get out.”
The band’s manager at the time, Andrew Loog Oldham, was ambitious about promoting the band, and hired film director Whitehead to be a fly on the wall filming the Stones both in concert, and on the road on airplanes and trains. Most interesting to today’s viewers may be the “jamming” in hotel rooms showing the band’s fascination with black American blues and r & b artists, including Solomon Burke, Otis Redding, and Chuck Berry.  Mick and Keith’s playful imitations of Elvis Presley are priceless.
Interviews of band members show Jagger to be highly thoughtful, Richards to be unflappable, and Wyman to be unsure of his talents and the longevity of the band’s potential. What is especially bittersweet viewing is Brian Jones’ feeling of uncertainty, which came to fruition four years later, when he was fired by the band, and his death soon thereafter by drowning in his swimming pool.
Watching Charlie is My Darling today is like seeing home movies from your youth from the vantage point of all of the life experiences you have accumulated in the decades to follow. There is a sweetness from the Stones that predated the crazy, edgy, and sometimes dark episodes to follow. Mick and Company were the bad boys of rock compared to the Beatles, but their good looks, and just the most minimal of rebel appearance of the time period appealed to young teenagers as they explored with passion the merging of urban American r & b with English pop. Mick was the bad boy, Keith still had his craggy handsomeness, and Brian and Charlie were the heart throbs for the girls at the time. From the original director’s cut, a 35 minute version of this film would appear from time to time, but in poor video and audio. The restoration of the video here has been masterfully done by Pinewood Studios, and in a fascinating extra we are presented with before and after video that is revelatory in peeling layers of graininess away to reveal crystal clear video. Audio improvement is significant but not quite as amazing as the stunning upgrade in video reproduction.
Mick Jagger will be 70 years old next July, and while only 22 years old when this film was shot, he shows a maturity as both a stage performer and spokesmen for the band that is remarkable for someone so young. Vocal highlights on the film, CDs and 10 inch LP are abundant. They include vibrant versions of “Time is on My Side,” “The Last Time,” “Heart of Stone,” and of course, “Satisfaction.” It is mentioned that this may be the first time that “Satisfaction” was ever recorded live.
For Stones’ completists, the purchase of the Deluxe set with extras described above, is a “must-have.” Others may obtain this vintage slice of Stones’ history with the purchase of the individual Blu-ray or DVD editions, or even a digital-only release. The Super Deluxe box with all the goodies is mighty tempting, however, for those wanting the full experience.
CD1 – Original Soundtrack:
1.  Play With Fire – The Aranbee Pop Symphony Orchestra
2.  Heart Of Stone – The Rolling Stones
3.  Who Do You Like In The Group? – Peter Whitehead and Fans
4.  The Last Time (Live) – The Rolling Stones
5.  Time Is On My Side (Live) – The Rolling Stones
6.  I´m Alright (Live) – The Rolling Stones
7.  The Next House We´ll Turn The Screaming Down – Andrew Loog Oldham and Priest
8.  Theme For A Rolling Stone – The Andrew Oldham Orchestra
9.  Nice Tea – The Rolling Stones and Andrew Loog Oldham
10. Maybe It´s Because I´m A Londoner – ALO Productions
11. Play With Fire – The Rolling Stones
12. Tell Me – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Andrew Oldham
13. Heart Of Stone – The Andrew Oldham Orchestra
14. Are You Going To The Show Tonight? – Peter Whitehead and Fans
15. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (Live) – The Rolling Stones
16. Pain In My Heart (Live) – The Rolling Stones
17. Blue Turns To Grey – The Andrew Oldham Orchestra
18. Subconsciously Supernatural – Mick Jagger and Andrew Oldham
19. (I Can´t Get No) Satisfaction – The Andrew Oldham Orchestra
20. The Moon In June – Mick Jagger
21. (I Can´t Get No) Satisfaction (Live) – The Rolling Stones
22. Going Home – The Rolling Stones
CD2 – Live In England 1965, & 10-inch vinyl:
1.  Show Intro
2.  Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
3.  Pain In My Heart
4.  Down The Road Apiece
5.  Time Is On My Side
6.  I’m Alright
7.  Off The Hook
8.  Charlie’s Intro to Little Red Rooster
9.  Little Red Rooster
10. Route 66
11. I’m Moving On
12. The Last Time
13. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (Finale)
Blu-ray & DVD:
1.  I Just Like Him [Ireland 1965]
2.  Airport [Ireland 1965]
3.  The Creatures [Ireland 1965]
4.  Backstage [Ireland 1965]
5.  The Last Time [Ireland 1965]
6.  Time Is On My Side [Ireland 1965]
7.  I’m Alright [Ireland 1965]
8.  Premature Evacuation [Ireland 1965]
9.  Sitting On A Fence [Ireland 1965]
10. Sea Is On The Right [Ireland 1965]
11. The Pied Piper [Ireland 1965]
12. All Of It’s Acting, Really [Ireland 1965]
13. Salty Dog [Ireland 1965]
14. Everybody Needs Somebody/Pain In My Heart [Ireland 1965]
15. Around & Around [Ireland 1965]
16. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [Ireland 1965]
17. We’ll Turn The Screaming Down [Ireland 1965]
18. Elvis Is In The Room [Ireland 1965]
19. Going Home [Ireland 1965]
20. I’d Much Rather Be With The Boys/Final Credits [Ireland 1965]
21. Opening Credits and Meeting the Band [Producer’s Cut]
22. Airport [Producer’s Cut]
23. Ireland And The Fans [Producer’s Cut]
24. Backstage [Producer’s Cut]
25. The Last Time [Producer’s Cut]
26. I’m Alright & Riot [Producer’s Cut]
27. The Train [Producer’s Cut]
28. Family Portrait [Producer’s Cut]
29. Always The Stones [Producer’s Cut]
30. Priest And The Poor Boy [Producer’s Cut]
31. The Band Interview [Producer’s Cut]
32. Elvis Room [Producer’s Cut]
33. Going Home [Producer’s Cut]
34. Credits [Producer’s Cut]
35. Opening Credits & Meeting The Band [Director’s Cut]
36. Airport & Ireland [Director’s Cut]
37. Backstage [Director’s Cut]
38. Fans [Director’s Cut]
39. Salty Dog [Director’s Cut]
40. The Last Time [Director’s Cut]
41. I’m Alright & Riot [Director’s Cut]
42. The Train [Director’s Cut]
43. The Band Interviews [Director’s Cut]
44. The Elvis Room [Director’s Cut]
45. The Mick Jagger Interview [Director’s Cut]
46. Going Home [Director’s Cut]
47. End Credits [Director’s Cut]
48. Charlie Is My Darling Restoration Piece
—Jeff Krow

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