The Sour Mournings – Whirlpool (Audiophilic Records)

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The Sour Mournings – Whirlpool; Audiophilic Records CD **1/2: 

This disc is the first recording to be released by The Sour Mournings
and contains a mix of acoustic rock with British pop influences. 
The press release suggests influences of bands like: Sonic Youth, The
Libertines, Belly, Elastica; The Strokes; The White Stripes, The Doors,
The Beatles, Led Zepplin; Soundgarden, and Nirvana.  All the songs
are written by Dave Reed and the music is heavy on guitar with a wide
recording mix between the speakers.  Vocals are a bit quirky and
may put some listeners off.  They are reminiscent of They Might Be
Giants, the guy from the Dead Milkmen, or the whiney singer from Blink
182 and are a little nasal.  Perhaps with a little vocal
enhancement and production this could be eliminated.  The
arrangement is fairly simple which promotes very good sound quality,
but at the same time the songs are shouting out for a little more
production—they are a bit plain.  Check out the electric guitar on
track two—it takes away from the impact of the song.  None of the
songs are offensive, but it’s as if they are little birds just trying
to fly for the first time and not quite making it.  The album is
fairly consistent throughout, and perhaps with a second release with
the help of a good producer the band will blossom. 

Songs included are:  Comatose; SugarCane; Sunshine Girl; Likely
Story; Say Sabrina; The Forgotten Shadows of Steffanie (Intermission);
Carefree Ecstacy; Anhedonia; Pink Guitars and Stars Like Mistletoe;
Philosophy; Vanity; Sea of Grey; SugarCane (Take Two).

-Brian Bloom

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