They Might Be Giants – They Got Lost – Zoe 1062

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They Might Be Giants – They Got Lost – Zoe 1062 CD  ***1/2: 

As can be divined from the name of their band, They Might Be Giants don’t mind injecting a bit of humor in their music.  This disc is a compilation of rarities from the group and probably shouldn’t be the first disc you pick up in their repertoire, although it is by no means a bad example of their work.  The music can best be described as ditties and impromptu made-up songs that are complete with silly lyrics and describe laughable situations—they are the kind of nursery rhymes you’d make up to sing to adults with a twisted sense of humor.  That doesn’t mean that the general public can’t enjoy them as well.

The tunes range from very short (under 20 seconds) to a typical pop song lengths and vary in style.  The band is right at the edge of modern/alternative rock.  Track four is a perfect example of their affinity to sing about strange, off-the-wall topics: a germ that gets left on the moon and proclaims the aloneness it faces as well as that of the state of man.  It’s weird; it’s fun; it’s different; it’s worth checking out.

Sound quality is good, but sounds a bit processed and falls short of the best sounding CDs.  Songs included are:  Rest Awhile; Truth in Your Words; On the Drag; All Alone; Down to the Bottom of the Sea; I’m Sick (of this American life); Words Are Like (demo); I Am a Human Head; Oranges; Empty Bottle Blues; They Got Lost; Reprehensible; Rat Patrol; The Army’s Tired Now; Certain People I Could Name; Theme to McSweeney’s; Dollar for Dollar; Mosh Momken Abadon; Token Back to Brooklyn; Disappointing Show; Oranges Testimonial.

– Brian Bloom

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