John Sunier Bio

JOHN SUNIER has been involved in broadcasting and audio for well over five decades. He received his M.A. music at the University of Iowa and worked at stations WSUI/KSUI there, then received his M.S. in Communications at Boston University while working at WGBH-FM in Boston. He was music producer of the educational radio series The Standard School Broadcast for six years, and later Director of Sound for Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Films. He was program director and/or manager of FM stations in the San Francisco area, as well as editor of FM GUIDE and SOUND ADVICE magazines. One of his three AV books was THE STORY OF STEREO 1881- (Gernsback Library, NY) and is available for free at an online download site. He was active in binaural recording and was founder of THE BINAURAL SOURCE. He has been a longtime classical and jazz record reviewer – including for AUDIO magazine for a decade, and currently AUSTRALIAN HI-FI. John is married to Donna and lives in Portland, Oregon with a harpsichord, piano, loads of SACDs, DVD-As, CDs, LDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, LPs, cassettes, open reel tapes, and a pair of Tonkinese cats.

AUDIOPHILE AUDITION was previously a national radio program for audio buffs and music lovers, and served millions of public radio and concert music station listeners for 13.5  years. The hour-long weekly program began in April 1985 with 53 stations, and was carried on up to 200 stations nationally – both public radio and commercial classical. Changes in national public and commercial radio programming policies prevented its continuation. Its web site listing the weekly programs was expanded to the present AUDIOPHILE AUDITION publication in 1998.


Marantz Processor/Preamp/Tuner AV7702
Oppo BDP-95 Blu-ray/Universal Disc Player
SOTA Star Vacuum Turntable on 4″ Mapleshade base
SME-V Tonearm (modded) with Grado Reference MM cartridge
Nova II Phono Preamp
Consonance M400 tube monoblock amps (3)
Von Schweikert VR-2 speakers (4); 3 on Mapleshade bases
Von Schweikert LCR15 center channel speaker
Paradigm Atom speakers for side height & 2+2+2 front height

Parasound HCA-2003 3-channel power amp
Panasonic 55-inch plasma 3D HDTV display
Channel Master roof  TV antenna
AKG K-1000 headphones & K-1000 amp
Grado SR-80 headphones
Mapleshade, Kimber & Jena Labs cables

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