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Hints On Shooting a Classical Video – (From a Grammy-award-winning producer:  Choose the piece but film the moment; Set the scenes & shoot it lean; Keep it real; Tell a story; Get intimate.  “If the viewer wants to focus purely on the music they’re welcome to shut their eyes. But if they want to watch you making the music, make sure they are watching something interesting.”

Most Home Theater Companies Missing from CES –  Only four companies were there: AudioControl, Wolf Cinema, James and Vutec.  Though the Venetian suites had a $196,000 home theater demo, the lack of true home theater was noticeable at CES in Las Vegas. It is becoming apparent that manufacturers seeking to create trade channel partnerships with integrators are bypassing CES. But there was still plenty to see the show from a display standpoint. LG, Sony and Panasonic showcased impressive flat panel technology, namely OLED. But there were few audio companions.  The exorbitant hotel prices are also reducing media traffic, and then there is the huge congestion at the show. Moving between venues generally takes one to two hours.

The Return of the Violin – The violin is getting much attention in recordings and live concerts lately. Joshua Bell plays a legendary Stradivarius called the Gibson x Huberman. It was stolen from the dressing room at Carnegie Hall of Huberman’s in 1936. In 1986 the violin resurfaced after a man in a Connecticut prison made a deathbed confession. The key players in the Strad story are Huberman, Brahms, the Israel Philharmonic, a wealth NYC businessman who survived the Holocaust in Czechoslovakia, and of course Joshua Bell.  This violin had been around.

New WQXR Classical Program The FurthermoreJohn Shaefer, who joined WNYC in 1981, is the host. He will also serve as creative adviser to WQXR’s contemporary music channel and curate special events for them. The new series will begin Jan. 21 on Saturdays at 9 PM. His intention is to invite listeners who “perhaps grew up on rock music and were beginning to get bored with the same three chords and the same three artists on the radio to listen to something that might pique their curiosity.” He said “I’ve always felt that if you like Bach, you might also like Björk’s choral music—if you had a chance to hear it.”

Nintendo Switch Details – The new machine is a pretty impressive device. It is capable of playing full console games on TVs at home but also portable enough for on-the-go-gaming. It has a 6.2-inch touchscreen display, 32GB of memory with SD card for additional storage. The battery should last 2.5 to 6 hours depending on what game you’re playing.

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