Audio News for August 11, 2006

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New AF of M Agreement Allows Sales of Recordings From Live Performances – The American Federation of Musicians has reached an agreement with symphony, ballet and opera orchestras in the U.S. and Canada to allow the creation of commercially available recordings of their live classical performances. The new agreement uses a different artistic and economic model for recording, giving musicians upfront payments for recording live performances to be produced and sold as discs or downloads – though the agreement cannot be used solely for downloads. The musicians will also receive a percentage of the receipts from sales. Ownership and copyright of the masters is retained by the orchestras, though distribution licenses may be granted for limited periods to a record company or distributor. Orchestral players have a right of approval on a project-by-project basis for each recording. The new economic model will enhance the potential for more frequent recording by U.S. orchestras, to the benefit of the international reputation of each one and the advancement of classical music as a whole.

Guitar Tab Sites Attacked by Music Publishers – There are several web sites for guitarists, and most of them provide tablature scores – sheet music that is specific to guitar, which shows with special symbols the proper fret and string positions of the notes.  It is a simpler alternative to traditional music notation, and a great learning tool for self-taught guitarists. Most of the “tabs” are provided by fans who sit down and figure out for themselves how to play a particular tune. The Music Publishers Association (MPA) says that the Internet is taking a bite out of sheet music and printed music sales, so they have sent cease and desist orders to sites which they say host “unauthorized” tabs. One site has already closed its doors.

Pioneer to Build New Plasma Display Plant – Almost half of Pioneer Electronics’ home electronics sales last quarter were for plasma display panels (PDP), so the company has announced that they will be building a new plant near Tokyo to make the flat screens. It will have an initial annual output of 300,000 PDPs, rising to more than one million. In the last quarter Pioneer reported a 32% jump in PDP sales due to their strong demand in both Europe and North America. 

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