Audio News for January 10, 2017

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Audio News

David Bowie’s Impact on Classical Music – During the past year, a number of classical musicians and composers have done their own tributes to the legendary musician. They run from straight ahead covers to stirring original compositions. Shortly after Bowie’s death Amanda Palmer of the The Dresden Dolls and composer Jherek Bischoff released a short duo album, A David Bowie String Quartet Tribute. The BBC Proms had a evening seeking to re-imagine Bowie’s musical legacy in new classical soundscapes. He had been a fan of classical music and did not shy away from weaving orchestral arrangements into his work. Some even consider him the ultimate crossover artist – due to his ability to bring so many people together by blending his eclectic tastes.

More Companies Add Amazon Alexa to Their Hardware – The Amazon personal assistance is capable of providing music playback and weather, traffic, and other real-time information. But this year at CES, many manufacturers are using the voice assistant in their hardware. Whirlpool, GE, Dish, Lenovo and Ford Motors said they plan to add the voice-activated helper to their hardware. Google release a device similar to the Alexa last year called Google Home. Apple is working on an Echo-like device, and Microsoft plans to bring its Cortana voice agent to Harman Kardon speakers. Amazon might have the edge, because the launched earlier than similar devices and they are not partial to a particular platform. Some people have to be able to trade their privacy for convenience. All conversations are stored indefinitely, and this process makes some consumers uncomfortable. A research center spokesman said “The Echo has to listen to everything. That’s kind of disturbing.”

Hubblo Launches New Era in Personal VR Broadcasting – Announced at CES, Hubblo is the first portable VR camera with a 360-degree 3D-immersive video, which allows broadcasters and viewers to share extraordinary experiences for just $999. Now anyone wanting to expand their audience beyond a physical location can do so with just the push of a button. The device has a triangular deisng with three pairs of 200-degree fish-eye cameras. Sensors on each camera provide the highest-quality image capture, and 3D creates true-to-lief depth perception for a fully immersive experience. All six cameras’ data is gathered, corrected and stitched in real time to create a stunning 360-degree, 3D-immersive video stream which can be broadcast in 4K quality and viewed on any VR headset using Hubblo’s mobile apps. The product will be initially available thru the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform.

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