Audio News for June 7, 2016

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Audio News

On Panasonic Giving Up On Plasma TVs – The TV set made Panasonic a household name from Singapore to San Francisco. Their TV engineers pointed out that though plasma flat-panel technology gave a better picture, consumers preferred the lighter, durable rival: liquid LCD TVs. When the new president Kazuhiro Tsuga took over in 2012, he announced that he would downsize the TV business as a whole and shutter the plasma plants. He re-organized Panasonic’s myriad businesses, ditched other beloved but moneylosing operations, and refocused investment on more promising businesses. The company no longer sells TVs in the U.S. and has a minimal presence in China. It has conquered extreme losses and is doing much better than competitors Sony and Sharp.

Monolith Seven-Channel 200-watt Amp – At $1499 the new 7×200 multichannel home theater power amp from Monolith provides a serious shot of adrenaline for your audio surround systems at a low price. It is a massive Class AB amp with dual torodial power supplies with weights 92 lbs. Unlike most multichannel amps, the Monolith is measured for its 200-watt rating with all seven channels driven across the full power bandwidth – not just two. It has a three-year replacement warranty and free technical support.

Naxos Presents Purple Classics, Joining with Alzheimer’s Association – The world’s leading classical group has joined with the Alzheimer’s Association for the release of a new series: Purple Classics. It will contain ten recordings, amounting to nearly two hours of music. 50 cents will be donated to the Association by Naxos for each CD purchased or album download. Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S., is the costliest disease and takes a physical and emotional toll on caregivers. Purple Classics will include works of Mozart, piano favorites, Baroque and Renaissance music, string quartets, dinner music, overtures, chants and ballet highlights.

Three Reasons to Automate Your Home – Online magazine Electronic House says the three reasons are fear, fun and function. Under the first, they include a security system, electronic door locks and surveillance cameras. The second concerns a whole-house entertainment system, a home theater, and integrated home control. Function means you need either a wired or wireless networking system, lighting and shading controls, and a smart thermostat which makes your HVAC system function efficiently without sacrificing any of your comfort.

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