Audio News for September 13, 2016

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Audio News

Designer Reimagines Classics as Data Visualizations – Nicolas Rougeux creates a sort of Rorschach test of notes from famous classical music scores, in Off the Staff. Standard sheet music is turned into works of expressive art, He says he wants to represent an entire score in a single image which fans of the music would want to have on their wall because they’re familiar with the music. He uses a circle as frame to break away from the staff representation of notes and show all the notes on a same scale. He warps an entire score around a circle starting at the top, removing all musical marks except the notes, spacing them evenly around the circle and having the circles of different sizes based on a note’s duration. He uses colors to differentiate between multiple instruments. Those notes closer to the center of the circle are the lower notes, and those farther away are higher. Here’s  an example of the first movement of Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachmusik:


Google Chromecast 2 Update Features UHD – The $35 gadget basically makes most TV smart, even older ones (but will only display HD content on a “4K”TV). It lets you wirelessly cast content to a TV. The new update offers UHD for streaming, improved internals and refreshed app.  It is now disc-shaped. The app serves as a one-stop shop for finding compatible apps and specific content across the apps. Browse Pocket-lint’s Chromecast hub for the latest and breaking news.

NewTek and Wowza Partner for Video Delivery – They will use the MDS media encoding and live streaming video delivery platform. MDS can deliver production, presentations or live events on mobile devices, desktop or OTT devices. They can also handle up to four channels of video, with customizable web pages.

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