Buddy (2004)

Starring: Nicolai Cleve Broch, Pia Tjelta, Aksel Hennie, Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Janne Formoe
Studio: Film Movement (www.filmmovement.com)
Video: 1.85:1 Widescreen Enhanced
Audio: Norwegian w/ English subtitles
Extras: Previews, A Ninja Pays Half My Rent Short Film (5 min), Biographies
Length: 100 minutes
Rating: ***1/2

story of this delightful film revolves around a group of friends who
have some trouble in love and life. Kristoffer seems to be doing rather
well until his girlfriend has to “screw” things up when she gives him
her apartment keys. His compatriot, Geir, has troubles of his own with
a past relationship, but they find enjoyment throughout the day filming
each other doing silly things. One day a stunt of theirs gets the
attention of the TV station and a new reality show is born. In addition
to their videotaped excursions, many of the fun involves their
roommate, Stig Inge, who hasn’t left their building and it’s
surroundings for many years. Kristoffer mistakenly let the station
believe that Stig Inge is only acting, but when they request a live
interview, the jig is soon to be up. A friend of Stig Inge has been
staying at the apartment and serves as a voice of reason to Kristoffer
who is on the rocks with his girlfriend after giving the keys back. In
the end, all the characters come to terms with their difficulties and
work towards a positive end.

Imagine Stand by
Me, but with 20-somethings and you’ll have a good idea of this film.
The topics of discussion are different, but the level of camaraderie is
the same. The acting is fun and ranges from light and humorous to more
serious and dramatic. The pace is well done, and it’s easy to feel
sympathetic towards all the characters. Each one is well-developed and
interesting in its own right and comes into common situations that we
deal with on a daily basis. It would advisable to watch with a friend
or partner as this movie leaves you feeling good about those whom you
care for and should be shared. The short included with this film is a
highly enjoyable satirical piece—it makes me laugh with each viewing.
This film may not be readily available as it is marketed on Film
Movement’s website, but it is worth searching out. The rating is
pushing four stars, so this film is highly recommended.

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