Dolphins, IMAX feature, Blu-ray (2008)

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Dolphins, IMAX feature, Blu-ray (2008)

A MacGillivray Freeman film
Narrator: Pierce Brosnan
Music: Sting, Steve Wood
Studio: Image Entertainment
Video: 1.78:1 cropped from IMAX format for 16:9, color 1080p HD
Audio: English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, Spanish or French DD 5.1
Extras: “The Making of Dolphins,”  trailer
Length: 89 minutes
Rating: *****

Another successful transfer to home media of one of the excellent large-format IMAX features.  Dolphins originally saw standard DVD release eight years ago and all of the DVD versions had higher resolution and more detail than ordinary DVDs.  Now the Blu-ray transfer shows even more sharpness, color and depth, and the lossless surround makes Sting’s delivery of his songs, the score by Steve Wood and the various Dolphin sounds more enveloping and exciting.

The dolphin experts delve into the mysteries of these amazing sea creatures in the Bahamas and Argentina as well as at aquatic shows. One comes away with a much greater understanding of the complex lives of these animals.  The “Making of Dolphins” featurette is equally fascinating.  Considering the challenges of operating the giant and heavy IMAX camera undersea – which only holds three minutes worth of film at a time – it’s amazing this feature got made at all!

 – John Sunier

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