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Trumpet and accordion, a blissful blend….

Eric Vloeimans & Will Holshouser – Two for the Road – V-Flow/ Challenge Records #V-Flow 05 – 77:59 – *****

(Eric Vloeimans – trumpet; Will Holshouser – accordion)

The blend that Dutch jazz trumpeter, Eric Vloeimans, and American accordionist,Will Holshouser, bring to the stage brings on such a state of awe, with its beauty and eclectic influences, that a CD release from their 2021 concert tour in the Netherlands is a “must” purchase. Their new collaboration, Two for the Road, just released, is a close second to seeing the duo in person.

It’s a bit tricky to describe how wide of a net their music covers. You will hear jazz, folk, classical, and even a feel of “gypsy” eastern Europe musical genres, (especially from Will’s accordion). They also take the time to honor both Louis Armstrong (“To Louis”) and bluegrass legend, Doc Watson (“Deep Gap”).

Their playful nature even extends to The Muppets on “The Rainbow Connection.”

If their rendition doesn’t bring a smile to your face, and a mist to your eyes, then you’re a candidate for an audition for The Grouch.

Along with these tracks, the duo fully improvise on Eric’s five “Innermission” numbered improvisations. They range from gentle introspections to more spirited fare. Will’s “Redbud Winter” would catch the fancy of frisky barn dancers. Its spirit latches on, and does not let go.

Eric and Will will be on tour from Sept. 11th to Oct. 2, on thirteen stops throughout the US. After listening to music from last summer’s tour here on this CD, it would only make sense to catch their intoxicating genre blending musical skills in person.

Tibi Gratias
Innermission 1
Deep Gap
Innermission 12
Innermission 2
Rainbow Connection
Redbud Winter
Momu 5
Innermission 9
To Louis
Innermission 11
Children’s Song

—Jeff Krow

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