Ford Blues Band (2005)

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Ford Blues Band (2005)

Studio:  Inakustik GmbH & Co./Music Video Distributors
Video:  1.33:1 Full Frame
Audio:  DD 5.1, PCM 2.0
Extras:  Interview with the Producer, “Ohne Filter” Shows, Artist Biography, Sound Tuning
Length:  60 minutes
Rating:  ***1/2

The current lineup of the Ford Blues Band consists of Patrick Ford on
drums, Andy Just on harp and vocals, Volker Strifler on guitar and
vocals, and Dewayne Pate on vocals and bass.  The Ford brothers
Robben and Patrick hail from a small town in California called Ukiah in
Mendocino County.  In 1969 they headed off to follow a musical
career.  Their father was a guitarist who sang country music and
blues to the boys at a young age.  Robben Ford started with the
saxophone, but changed to the guitar instead.  Pat was happy on
drums and their younger brother, Mark, favored the harmonica.  The
brothers came upon some blues music at the record store (that was there
by mistake) and their fondness for the blues grew stronger and
stronger.  At first, the band was called The Charles Ford Band and
even opened for Muddy Waters.  The band broke up soon after and
though there were a few reunions never came back together.  In
1988 Pat decided it was time to continue the tradition with the Ford
Blues Band.

The German Ohne Filter shows highlight solid acts that would probably
never get airplay on television in the United States.  This
performance was recorded on August 8 1998 and sees the band in
excellent form—you can see this in their enthusiasm, confidence, and
comfort with one another.  Many of the tunes have extensive
harmonica playing and though the vocals aren’t heavy and rough like
some artists, the softer vocals play well with the music.  The
surrounds are put into use mainly for ambience and this mix works well
too.  Most of the material is upbeat and lively, although “She’s
Sweet” is a slower, blues tune where some of the lead vocals are
whispered (that’s right, no need to check your center channel
connection).  Apart from one or two songs the majority of the
music is top-notch.  It’s a fun listen and will help get your mood
up if you happen to really have the blues.  The interview is the
same as the one on the other Ohne Filter disc reviewed recently. 
Songs included: It’s Hot; Watch Yourself; She’s Sweet; Don’t Cry; Crazy
For My Baby; I Smell Trouble; Lovin’ Cup; Bring It to Jerome; Cadillac;
Tell Me Mama.

-Brian Bloom

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