JoshOne – Narrow Path (Myutopia DualDisc)

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JoshOne – Narrow Path; Myutopia Recordings 284170-2 Dualdisc ***1/2: 

The DVD portion of this disc offers both DD and DVDA sound.  The
music is a blend of hip-hop and trance—trip hop.  The surrounds
are relatively quite, but sound quality was quite good.  The first
track had a nice beat with a soulful rap and female harmony that would
come in throughout the tune.  It sets the pace for the entire
record, so if you are into the mellow groove/mood music then this
record will score high on your list.  Every track has a different
vocalist which helps to add additional variety to the material—some are
better than others, but overall they are good.  Track three has
particularly deep, soulful lyrics—much more R&B in style than the
other tracks on the disc.  Track five is an instrumental with
jazzy flute that really connects with the listener.  The bonus
video takes place in Long Beach in 2004.  It’s basically Josh
moving around showing off sights with his music playing over the video
and includes travels to a record store, food stand, and in the
studio—length is approximately six and a half minutes.  Whether it
was the mixture of material, vocals, or slightly different sound, this
disc is worthy of a good listen.  Scenic pictures that relate to
the titles of the music are displayed over the each track.  Songs
included are:  Risin’; Day Dreamer; Miss Me; Endless; Grey Skies;
Contemplation; Less Traveled; Midnight Samba; Afterhours; Narrow Path.

-Brian Bloom

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