Utopias: Radical Interpretations of Iconic Musical Works for Percussion – Kjell Tore Innervik – 2L 

by | Aug 23, 2018 | SACD & Other Hi-Res Reviews

Kjell Tore Innervik: Utopias: Radical Interpretations of Iconic Musical Works for Percussion : Xenakis: Psappha. Morton Feldman: The King of Denmark. Kjell Tore Innervik, percussion – 2L 2L-141-SABD (SACD/CD, BD, downloads: DXD, DSD256, MQA). (6/15/2018).. TT: 46:04 ****:

My oh my, what a recording this is. On this 2 disc set Kjell Tore Innervik performs Morton Feldman’s ‘The King of Denmark’ and Iannis Xenakis’s ‘Psappha’, exploring the intimate performing space with large format recording techniques, providing the listener with truly immersive audio. The Xenakis was recorded twice: once from the perspective of an intimate listener, and a second time literally ‘over-head’, giving a first-persona perspective. The difference not only in microphone technique but also in the performer’s state of mind and how he projects his playing has a profound impact on the listening experience. Radical Interpretations of Iconic Musical Works for Percussion (2013-2017) was an interdisciplinary artistic research project hosted at the Norwegian Academy of Music in collaboration with the Oslo Academy of the Arts, the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Westerdals Oslo ACT and 2L through the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme.

Utopias 2L BoxThese works will be familiar to percussion mavens, but I can tell you they have never been recorded like this. The dynamic range is astounding, and when I set up any system for the early parts of these works, I found that later the volume ramped up to extremely lifelike levels. It was startling.

As I’ve said in the past, the 2L label finds worthwhile music and then records them in the finest versions you are likely to hear.

As always, there are several formats available on the Blu-ray disc, including Pure Audio Blu-ray: STEREO 192kHz/24bit, 5.1 SURROUND 192kHz/24bit, 7.1.4 Auro-3D 96kHz and 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos 48kHz. The Blu-ray disc also contains downloadable files for use on portable and other devices like music servers. There is a Hi-resoluition MQA mix, and MP3 files. Also included is a multi-channel SACD disc that can play on a regular CD player as well.

It’s hard to overstate how excellent and compelling this music is. I listened on my Magnapan speakers in the front, with high quality Aperion speakers in the rear in a 7.1 configuration. I also listened in 2 channel on high quality headphones and the results are just as striking.

Kudos to 2L for bringing this music in such high quality with equal musicianship.

Highly Recommended

—Mel Martin



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