MAHLER: Symphony No. 6 – The Utah Symphony Orchestra

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MAHLER: Symphony No. 6 – The Utah Symphony Orchestra/Maurice
Abravanel – Vanguard/Silverline Classics DualDisc with DVD-Audio –
284218-2, 70:46:

The Sixth is
not Mahler’s most popular symphony – those on either side of it
consecutively overshadow it easily. If retaining just one recording of
it I believe I would prefer the recent Tilson Thomas SACD by a long
shot. Ditto must of the just-above; also, all of these Utah Symphony
5.1 recordings were previously released on DVD-Audio with even more
video extras than provided here. The only thing they lacked was the
standard CD side. If you wanted to have the hi-res DVD-A of any of these
for your home AV system use plus a standard stereo for mobile use, I
would suggest one of two solutions, depending if you are up-to-date or
retro: 1) Make a PCM, AAC or high-sampling-rate MP3 file on your PC or
Mac from the stereo DVD-A option on all DVD-As. Then download that to
your iPod or equivalent. 2) Dub from the stereo DVD-A tracks to a good
cassette recorder using Dolby A and then listen in your car (if it
still has a cassette player) and/or on a portable cassette player ($20)
with a good portable headphone amp and phones. 100% better sound than
any iPod using data reduction of any sort! Never mind the DualDisc…

– John Sunier 
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