Marillion – Marbles on the Road (2005)

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Marillion – Marbles on the Road (2005)

Studio:  MVD Music Video Distributors
Video:  1.78:1 Widescreen Enhanced
Audio:  DD 5.1, DD Stereo
Extras:  You’re Gone Promo Video, Don’t Hurt Yourself Promo Video, Marbles Album EPK (12 min)
Length:  109 minutes
Rating:  ***1/2

This concert was filmed at the Astoria in London England the 10th and
11th of July, 2004 in what looks like a large club venue.  During
a good part of the show the band is awash with a blue haze/glow that is
over and around the entire stage making the players almost
cartoon-like.  About 12 minutes or so into the first song the
color palette shifts to a white glow and then to orange and red, but
then returned to the blue.  It doesn’t detract as much as it is
just a little weird.  At first you have to think, what modern band
is making music like this?!  Then you realize that Marillion has
been around for over twenty years and it all makes a little
sense.  The band produces music that I’d best describe as haunting
progressive rock that my co-worker likened to Peter Gabriel while I’d
say is more like a combination of Yes and Metallica with a little Pink
Floyd thrown in for good measure.  The members of the band are
solid performers and I especially was impressed with the guitar
work.  If Coldplay made progressive rock instead of alternative
pop/rock then this is what it would sound like.  The second song
reminded me of King Crimson’s “Matte Kudasai” with its slower melodic
shifts and effervescent vocals.  The following tracks settle into
a smooth groove (for lack of a better description).  To try to
characterize it would be to sell the music short, but comparisons to
some of the more inventive music of Jeff Beck or even Joe Satriani
would not be off base.

The “Don’t Hurt Yourself” video is widescreen while “You’re Gone” is
letterboxed.  The videos are promotional and have a lot of time
devoted to the band playing on stage, set up, or other concert related
activities.  Crowd noise is in surrounds as well as cool
instrumental effects.  For what may indeed be a unique experience
for many listeners, this album is worth investigation.  Songs
included: The Invisible Man; Marbles I; You’re gone; Angelina; Marbles
II; Don’t Hurt Yourself; Fantastic Place; Marbles III; The Damage;
Marbles IV; Neverland; Bridge; Living With the Big Lie; The Party;
Between You and Me; Uninvited Guest; Cover My Eyes.

-Brian Bloom

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