REO Speedwagon – Live: Plus; Silverline DualDisc

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REO Speedwagon – Live: Plus; Silverline 284566-2 DualDisc ***: 

The DVD portion of this disc offers a DD soundtrack as well as
DVDA.  The performance sounds like that of a small arena (of
thousands) with crowd noise coming from the back.  In spring of
2000 REO Speedwagon and Styx got together for a concert tour. 
This performance was recorded at the Riverport Amphitheater in St.
Louis on June 9, 2000.  Kevnin Cronin, lead singer for the band,
still has a high pitched squeaky voice that fans have come to
love.  There is no doubt that the band still can work the crowd as
evidenced by the enthusiasm demonstrated at the show.  The liner
notes claim four hit songs although the three that stand out for me
are: “Take it on the Run,” “Keep On Loving You,” and the legendary 80s
tune “Can’t Fight This Feeling.”  Most of the set speeds away at a
good clip, but doesn’t feel rushed.  Speedwagon may not have been
as notable a classic rock band as The Stones, but they’ve sure
developed a following.  One of the tunes that rocks pretty hard is
“Back on the Road Again.”  It starts with a great bass intro and
then Cronin revs up the audience to really get the tune rolling.

The disc offers still pictures over the music, a photo album, a live
concert video of “Music Man,” liner notes, and an interview
section.  Sound quality is okay—just a little thin overall and
there is some sibilance on occasion.  For those looking for a nice
80s rock ‘n’ roll nostalgic trip, then this is what the doctor
ordered.  Songs included are:  Don’t Let Him Go; Music Man;
Take It On The Run; Keep Pushin’ Can’t Fight This Feeling; Tough Guys;
That Ain’t Love; Time For Me To Fly; Back On The Road Again; Keep On
Loving You; Roll With The Changes; Ridin’ The Storm Out; 157 Riverside

-Brian Bloom

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