Richard Galliano Tangaria Quartet, Live in Marciac 2006

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Richard Galliano Tangaria Quartet, Live in Marciac 2006

Performers: Richard Galliano, button accordion; Alexis Cardenas, violin; Philippe Aerts, doublebass; Rafael Mejias, percussion; Guest: Hamilton de Holanda, mandolin
Program: Tango pour Claude, Laurita, Chat Pitre, Tangaria, Fou Rire, Sertao, Disparada, Chorinho Pra Ele, Traditional Venezuelan, Spleen, Libertango, Escualo, Sanfona, New York Tango
Studio: Milan Records M2-36303
Video: 4:3 picture-framed, color
Audio: French DD 2.0
Subtitles: English
No region coding
Length: 80 minutes
Rating: ****

Richard Galliano may be the best jazz accordionist playing today.  Much of his work has been in the gypsy jazz genre, but his Tangaria Quartet shows the more recent “Latinization” (as he puts it) of his music.  There is the Argentine tango influence, including a lovely version of Piazzolla’s well-known Libertango, but it is mixed with influences from Brazil and Venezula.  The incredible Brazilian mandolinist Hamilton de Holanda – who has recorded with Mike Marshall and Chick Corea – adds an exciting touch to the program. Everyone onstage is a virtuoso performer and very enjoyable to watch.

Unfortunately, this is another DVD with picture-framed images – in other words there are black bars all the way around it.  The box says it is anamorphic 16:9 but that is incorrect. I have run into this on several recent DVDs and often on the bonus features of even Blu-rays, and none of the aspect ratio settings on my players are able to expand the image to fill more of the 16:9 display – neither Stretch nor Zoom.  Considering it was shot in 2006, the video could also be a great deal higher resolution and better lit than it is.  Still, musically this is a most satisfying concert.

 – John Henry

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