Star Trek: Enterprise– The Complete Third Season (2003-2004)

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Star Trek: Enterprise– The Complete Third Season (2003-2004)

Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment
Video: 1.78:1 Widescreen
Audio: English Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby 2.0 Surround
Subtitles: English, Closed Captions
Starring: Scott Bakula, John Billingsley, Jolene Blalock, Connor Trineer
Extras: Four featurettes (“Enterprise Moments: Season Three”,
“Enterprise Profile: Connor Trinneer”, “A Day in the Life of a
Director: Roxann Dawson”, and “The Xindi Saga Begins”); “NX-01 File”
hidden files; deleted scenes; audio commentary on two episodes, text
commentary on three episodes, outtakes; Borg Invasion trailer; photo
Length: 1,026 minutes
Rating: ****

Star Trek: Enterprise takes place in the year 2151, approximately one
hundred years before the time of Captain James T. Kirk, Mr. Spock, and
Dr. McCoy.  Humans are still learning the ropes of space travel
and the Enterprise NX-01 becomes the first Starfleet starship equipped
with a Warp 5 engine.  With this engine, the Enterprise has the
capability to explore deep space.  Commanded by Captain Jonathan
Archer, the brave crew of the starship sets out on a revolutionary
voyage to uncover new life and new civilizations.  Highlights from
the third season include: “Twilight” where a spatial distortion
prevents Archer from being able to form any long-term memories;
“Similitude” in which Trip suffers a devastating injury and his only
hope for survival is a simbiot transplant; and “Zero Hour” where Archer
puts his life in danger in a risky attempt to intercept an alien
superweapon and disarm it from within. 

The entire twenty-four episodes from the 2003-2004 season plus the
special features are contained on seven discs.  (Disc One: The
Xindi, Anomaly, Extinction, Rajiin.  Disc Two: Impulse, Exile, The
Shipment, Twilight.  Disc Three: North Star, Similitude, Carpenter
Street, Chosen Realm.  Disc Four: Proving Ground, Stratagem,
Harbinger, Doctor’s Orders.  Disc Five: Hatchery, Azati Prime,
Damage, The Forgotten.  Disc Six: E2, The Council, Countdown, Zero
Hour.  Disc Seven: Special Features).

Season Three’s video quality is excellent.  Images are unblemished
with fine detail.  Colors are robust and warm with well-saturated
hues.  Black levels are consistently dark throughout. 
Picture defect mastering is solid with no major flaws or defects. 
The overall audio quality is very good.  The soundtrack mix is
weighted towards the forward channels and  the dialogue is crisp
and intelligible.  The surround channels see limited activity and
are used for both ambient effects and the music score.  The LFE
channel is deep with an occasional rumble. The packaging is suitably
sci-fish, resemblinb I suppose a Tricorder or whatever instrument that
have a century before the Tricorder.

Reference equipment: [Video projector- Studio Experience
Cinema 17SF; Projection screen- Vutec 103” SilverStar; Video Processor-
DVDO iScan HD+; DVD player- V, Inc. Bravo D1; A/V Receiver- Sherwood
Newcastle R-963T; Speakers- Acoustech Cinema Series loudspeaker system;
Tactile Transducers- Clark Synthesis; Cables/Wires- BetterCables ]

– Calvin Harding, Jr. 


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