The Edgar Winter Group – They Only Come Out At Night – Mobile Fidelity

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The Edgar Winter Group – They Only Come Out At Night – Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab UDSACD 2011 Stereo-only SACD ***1/2: 

This is one of those discs that calls out to the listener to crank up the volume.  For rock fans, the album cover is very recognizable—wavy hair, sideburns, bare chest, large necklace, and makeup–and so is the band:  Edgar Winter (of course), Ronnie Montrose, Dan Hartman, Chuck Ruff, and even Rick Derringer.  The music dates itself, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  If you ordered a slice of rock ‘n’ roll heavy on the 70s sound, then you’ll be getting exactly what you ordered and a healthy plate of it!  “Free Ride” is on practically every older rock collection and no doubt gets tons of airplay on the classic rock station—after all, it’s a classic.  Fidelity is not amazing, but about what you can expect given the source.  It’s in the league of a good CD—voice is good, but sound is congested overall.  “Autumn” is a rock ballad that stands out from the other material that generally consists of more raucous fare.  The last track is an instrumental rock classic that is often used in movie soundtracks.  The funky, psychedelic guitar work is as memorable as the lively horn interlude, the pounding drums, and the electronic effects at 3:30.  It’s a great finisher and leaves the listener satiated.  And don’t forget to read the album insert for lots of background information on the band and specifically how this tune came about. 

Songs included are:  Hangin’ Around; When It Comes; Alta Mira; Free Ride; Undercover Man; Round & Round; Rock ‘N’ Roll Boogie Woogie Blues; Autumn; We All Had A Real Good Time; Frankenstein.

-Brian Bloom

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