Twisted Sister Live At Wacken – The Reunion – Eagle Vision

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Twisted Sister Live At Wacken – The Reunion – Eagle Vision EV 30078-9 – DualDisc, **1/2: 

The video on the DVD is 1.33:1 full frame and offers either a DD 5.1 or
2.0 track.  The sound is awfully compressed and so low in level
that I kept trying to find out what was wrong with my equipment. 
The performance is loud and raucous with most of the band members
wearing make-up like in the old days.  The concert is lit with
tons of glaring, bright, colored lights, and the video is edited with
rapid cuts that mirror the frenzied performance of the band, but
quality is okay.  There are mostly close-ups with a few wider
shots.  I didn’t realize glam metal was still popular, but I guess
in Germany it still is (or it’s making a comeback).  In between
the video segments are multiple chapters of interviews with key members
of the band all discussing the band’s history and more.  In the
disc insert there is an historical timeline of the band’s performances
from 1987 to 2005.  Apparently, the band had a huge breakdown
during their tour in 1987.  Slowly, over the years, the band
started coming back together.  There was a charity show in 2000
and the band came together to do a benefit for 9/11 in 2001.  Then
there was a USO tour in 2003.  They grew closer again and
rediscovered some of the excitement of playing live. This led to more
concerts throughout Europe.

The CD has live performances from a tour in May of 1980, London in
1982, and from the concert in Wacken in 2003.  The CD side didn’t
have the same level problem as the DVD and the quality varied depending
on the concert.  Extras on the DVD include a photo gallery and the
making of Mendoza’s choir (4 min), but a lot of interesting footage is
in between the bulk of the concert.  Check out track seven and the
performance by the Blue Man Group!   The band is probably
best known for their hit song, “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” I have to say
that the performance on the DVD was underwhelming and not what I was
hoping.  Fans of the band will appreciate this disc (even with the
audio issues).  Others will probably want to pass.  Be warned
that this is a DualDisc and therefore may not play in some players such
as in cars, computers or in portables.

Songs included on DVD are:  What You Don’t Know (Sure Can Hurt
You); The Kids Are Back; Stay Hungry; Destroyer; Like A Knife In The
Back; Under The Blade; You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll; The Fire Still
Burns; Shoot ‘Em Down; We’re Not Gonna Take It; The Price; Burn In
Hell; I Wanna Rock; S.M.F.  Songs included on the CD are: Bad Boys
Of Rock ’n’ Roll; Born To Be Wild; I’ll Never Grow Up, Now!; You Know I
Cry—all from Detroit Michigan and Portchester, NY in May of 1980; You
Can’t Stop Rock ’n’ Roll—from Marquee, London, December 1982; What You
Don’t Know (Sure Can Hurt You); The Kids Are Back; Stay Hungry; Like A
Knife In The Back; I Am, I’m Me; The Fire Still Burns—from Wacken Open
Air, Germany in August 2nd 2003.

– Brian Bloom

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