Where is The Chesterfield King?!?! (2001)

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Where is The Chesterfield King?!?! (2001)

Starring:  Mike Boise, Andy Babiuk, Ted Okolowicz, Jeff Okolowicz, Greg Prevost
Studio:  MVD Music Video Distributors Inc.
Video:  1.33:1 Full Frame
Audio:  DD 5.1; DD Stereo
Extras:  Movie Trailer; Music Video “Where Do We Go From Here?”; Live with the Chesterfield Kings (Johnny Volume; Somethin’ Else; Rock n’ Roll Murder; Freak-Out) – 10 min; From the Film Premiere (13 min).
Length:  70 minutes
Rating:  * Film, *** Music

This B-movie begins with an android, Andro, and he has plans to ruin The Chesterfield King’s musical appearance.  (Keep in mind that the viewer is instructed that all that follows is based on true events.)  First Andro goes into a clothing store and tramples on the sales clerk so he can assume his place and confront the band spouting a bunch of silly nonsense: “I understand…” over and over.  Of course the band’s treatment of him is just about as bad.  Andro has all sorts of powers of transportation, telekinesis, and mind control (which makes you wonder why he doesn’t just join the band–as he desires–by way of fooling the band members).  People pop in and out and although what is happening makes sense it won’t prevent the viewer from thinking this farce is stupid.  Andro kidnaps a guy from the band and the other members go all over the world in search of him via their magic door that can transport them instantaneously to other places.  The clock is running out as the band has a performance later that evening.

The video quality looks monochrome blue-green and the “film” is full of cheesy sets and ridiculous situations.  It’s shot on video but has the look of old 8mm film complete with lots of noise and fake scratches.  The acting is much worse than a student film and the plot isn’t much better.  Did they even rehearse their dialogue??  At times it was difficult to sit through.  The back cover of the DVD calls the movie “Ed Wood meets A Hard Days Night.”  In some ways the latter half remind me of the old Monkees televisions shows–only much worse.  The only redeeming quality is the music segments.  There are four pieces accessed from the extras as well with terrible video and poor sound quality.  The band’s music is rooted in the Rolling Stones and rock of the 70s, but unfortunately is not the focus of the film.  Viewer beware!

– Brian Bloom

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