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 Special Editorial:  Convergence of Computers
and AV Systems Inevitable?

The explosion of iPod use has changed and accelerated the push – started by MicroSoft – to converge computers with home entertainment systems.  After all, the iPod is just a tiny computer hard drive holding music and photos or video. A recent poll of 20 countries around the world asked 20,000 people what technology they just couldn’t do without.  The figures for the U.S. were 89% for TVs and 87% for personal computers. In the other 19 countries 75% of people listed computers as the No. 1 item they couldn’t live without (TV got 67%).

These figures demonstrate how computers have become a primary part of home and mobile entertainment of all sorts.  They are used to store music, photographs, videos, for playing games, for accessing the universe of information and entertainment on the Internet. Legal music downloads in the U.S. and Europe have tripled between 2004 and 2005. In Korea, the Seoul Broadcasting Service sells reruns of soap operas online for 40 cents an episode. Sports fans in the U.S. pay for live webcasts to an amount that is expected to hit $1.3 million by the end of 2006. More and more Americans are downloading their movies from the Net rather than renting DVDs in a store or getting in the mail.

The widespread growth of broadband Internet connections around the world, as well as the development of advanced compression software for both audio and video, is making this possible. Both online movies and DVDs have become so hot that some industry people feel movies should be released in both formats the same day they open in the theaters.

There are still many concerns about computers becoming part of home entertainment systems. How about viruses? What happens when the system crashes? Will you have to spend time struggling with tech support on the phone just to play a DVD or CD? In most homes the computer is in the home office or study and the TV is in the living or family room. How to get the two together?

There are several proposals.  Intel’s Viiv (rhymes with Five) is one; working with 250 different companies in the Digital Living Network Alliance to develop new guidelines for all the computer, audio and video gadgets that could share content wirelessly or via wires in the home. The idea is to integrate all the digital stuff with user-friendly software.

Americans are spending a lot more on home entertainment than they ever have. But movie tickets have gone up, and when you can not only duplicate most of the theatrical experience at home, but eliminate all the negative stuff associated with it, why not enjoy your entertainment at home?  Imagine the surprise a decade ago of neighbors hearing that someone had spent $5000 on a home AV system.  Now that’s a common thing because we have access to so much more and at much higher quality.  


General Editorial 

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