“Flight of Angels” = FRANCISCO GUERRERO & ALONSO LOBO Works – The Sixteen/ Harry Christophers – Coro

A great introduction to a magnificent period of music.

“Flight of Angels” = FRANCISCO GUERRERO: Duo Seraphim; Missa Surge propera: Gloria; Laudate Dominum; Maria Magdalene; Missa de la batalla escoutez: Credo; Vexilla Regis; Missa Congratulamini mihi: Agnus Dei I; Missa Congratulamini mihi: Agnus Dei II; ALONSO LOBO: Missa Maria Magdalene: Kyrie; Libera me; Ave Regina caelorum; Ave Maria; Versa est in luctum  – The Sixteen/ Harry Christophers – Coro COR16128, 63:52 ****:

The city of Seville in the sixteenth century saw two great adorning musical lights—Lobo and Guerrero—whose music was destined to shine in Spain, Portugal, and ultimately, the new world. Both were singers in their youth, and both reputed to have genteel temperaments and rabidly dedicated to their art. Guerrero was for 30 years the head of music at the Seville Cathedral, while Lobo apprenticed as his assistant when Guerrero was attaining advanced age. The latter would end up being the more prolific, but perhaps the former was more conscientious. Both are among the finest composers of the age, lyrical to a fault, and issuing radiant sonorous pieces of obvious devotion.

This can only be called a survey overview (as Christophers admits), but it’s a real gem with some outstanding performances, as usual on the Sixteen’s recordings. If you are into renaissance, and you really should be, this is a sterling introduction to a phenomenal period and place.

—Steven Ritter

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