Franz Ferdinand – You Could Have It So Much Better – Domino

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Franz Ferdinand – You Could Have It So Much Better – Domino DualDisc EN 97725  ****: 

“The audio side of this disc does not conform to CD specifications and therefore will not play on some CD and DVD players.”  Isn’t DualDisc a great idea??  The sound on the audio side of the disc has some edginess, harshness and congestion/compression.  The music has the feel of 80s New Wave but clearly sounds modern and is very likable.  There is a defined structure and slight mechanical bent like Devo and Kraftwerk with hooks galore and a touch of The Strokes.  “Do You Want To” is an 80s revival tune if I ever heard one.  “Evil and a Heathen” was a bit too hard to my taste, while “Eleanor Put Your Boots On” was very reminiscent of the soundtrack from The Royal Tenebaums.  Any one who is a fan of alternative modern rock needs to pick this one up.

The 4:3 ratio DVD section is divided into a few sections.  The In the Studio Footage (8 min) section contains miscellaneous clips of the band in and out of the studio, throwing axes, recording the sound of a stream, and, of course, playing a little music.  There is a photo gallery, a video of “Do You Want To,” and an interview section (8 min).  For those not too familiar with the band and how they work, it will give some insight to the forces behind the music and how the band members work together to create new material.

Tracks are:  The Fallen; Do You Want To; This Boy; Walk Away; Evil and a Heathen; You’re The Reason I’m Leaving; Eleanor Put Your Boots On; Well That Was Easy; What You Meant; I’m Your Villain; You Could Have It So Much Better; Fade Together; Outsiders.

– Brian Bloom

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