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Our fourth Hi-Res Drawing features SACDs from Universal Music. A dozen lucky AUDIOPHILE AUDITION readers who Register Here (or have registered earlier) will receive their choice of one of the above three multichannel SACDs: Mahler’s Second Symphony conducted by Mahler expert Gilbert Kaplan, Pianist Lang Lang Live at Carnegie Hall, or Jazz vocalist-pianist Diana Krall’s latest album of songs with lyrics by new hubby Elvis Costello. Kaplan’s Mahler was our Multichannel Disc of the Month last issue and Krall’s SACD is reviewed in our Hi-Res section this issue. Drawing will be made Oct. 1, participants will remain eligible for future drawings, we’ll announce the winners in October, and we won’t sell or share your information. (July-Aug. winners announced below.)
Check back with us frequently for new material!

September 2004 Contents

Role Audio Enterprise speakerGood Bad + UglyNew Audio News! (see below)
New Editorial! New 19 Jazz Reviews!
Mozart Requiem, Disc of MonthTh. Monk Septet

48 DVD-A, SACD & xrcd Reviews! (Pt. 1, Pt. 2 [incl. update], Pt. 3, Pt. 4); 19 Classical Reviews (Pt. 1, Pt. 2); Component Reviews: Bravo DVD Player, Bravo HDTV Tuner, Role Audio Speakers; 32 DVD Reviews incl. 14 Music Videos! (Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3); Interview with recording engineer Da-Hong Seetoo; 25 Classical Reissue Reviews (Pt. 1, Pt. 2); 19 Jazz CD Reviews (new!) (Pt. 1, Pt. 2); ALL 143 Disc Reviews Listed/Linked Here; Survey of the Print AV Press; Audio News; Archives (All Past Issues, Best of the Year Lists, Audio Links, Bibliography, Audio Clubs)

NOTICE TO READERS = We begin with this issue some new features to enhance the usefulness of AUDIOPHILE AUDITION’s services to you. We are moving toward more frequent uploading of new reviews and news, rather than a complete new issue each month. Though we have 124 disc reviews in this current issue, we will be adding even more reviews during the ensuing month as discs and reviews come it. At the suggestions of some of our readers we have added the ratings we have always given DVDs to all of our disc reviews. One star = forget it; two stars = average; three stars = good but not four stars = the best; and on rare occasion we may really flip our lid over a disc and give it the much-coveted five stars. So put www.audaud.com in your Favorites and come back to us frequently!

Weekly Audio News: SEP. 1; SEP. 8; SEP. 15; SEP. 22; SEP. 29: = HDTV Sales Rise 10%; Record Labels Clean Up Online; Wireless Audio Cables; AES Convention in SF Next Month

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Greg Fujinaka, Angelo Trotta, Steven Tope, Ian McKay, Marino Mazzeo, Will Dwinnell, Bob LaSalle, Graham Brazendale, Mark Hawkins, Marc Stergionis, Eric Leckey, Suchart Bunmark, Dan Maude, Taylor Keahey, Douglas Crawfort

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