Ian Hunter and the Rant Band — Just Another Night (2005)

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Ian Hunter and the Rant Band — Just Another Night (2005)
Studio:  Music Video Distributors
Video:  1.78:1 Widescreen Enhanced for 16:9
Audio:  DD 5.1, DD 2.0 (Stereo)
Extras:  Sound Check (13 min), Biography, Interview (38 min)
Length:  124 minutes
Rating:  ***1/2 (music), ** (sound quality)

[We reviewed this DVD last year, but it was an import in the PAL format used in Europe.  Now it’s finally available in NTSC format in the U.S. and here’s a different reviewer’s take on the disc:]
This concert was recorded at The Astoria in London in 2004.  The band features Ian Hunter (vocals, guitar, piano, and blues harp), Mick Ralphs (guitar and vocals), Andy York (guitar and vocals), Ian Gibbons (keyboards), Steve Halley (drums and vocals), and Gus Goad (bass guitar).  Ian Hunter was the front man for Mott The Hoople from way back in 1969.  He also worked with Ralphs until he quit to start Bad Company with Paul Rodgers back in the early 70s.  There is no doubt that Hunter still has the ability to energize the crowd and get them singing along–take the rendition of his big hit song courtesy David Bowie, “All The Young Dudes.”  At times he even sounds Bowie-like when his voice cracks and he sings slightly around the key.  Another hit song on the disc is a familiar song to some: “Once Bitten, Twice Shy.”  It was a hit back in ’75, but was more recently covered by the band Great White.  Most of the material is solid throughout–that is if you like the blend of hard rock, metal, and even some softer ballad-like tunes.

The video quality is fairly good.  The stage is well lit, although the image was slightly washed out depending on the angle.  Video noise level was extremely low and looked like a typical HD video shoot.  Cuts were not super fast and the viewer wouldn’t normally be conscious of them–a good thing.  I wish the audio was nearly as good.  Sound was thin, edgy, wispy, and had a lot of noise that reminded me of a worn compact cassette.  It almost sounded as if there were a problem with a piece of recording equipment.  It was so noticeable that it would detract from my enjoyment of the concert at times.  If you can ignore the poor audio, then the concert is quite entertaining.  Fans will enjoy the lengthy interview as well.

Songs included:  Rest In Peace; Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen; Once Bitten Twice Shy; Twisted Steel; I Wish I Was Your Mother; Knees of my heart; 23A Swan Hill; Irene Wilde; The Truth, The Whole Truth, Nuthin’ But The Truth; Rollerball; Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square; Roll Away The Stone; Saturday Gigs; All The Young Dudes; The Journey; Dead Man Walkin’ Just Anotherr Night; Cleveland Rocks; Michael Picasso; Standin’ In My Light; All The Way From Memphis.

Brian Bloom

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