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Comments from our readers, selected from the site registration and responses to articles and reviews [updated 1/15]

Wonderful site! Check it everyday!
Charles Wheeler, Pikeville, KY

My favorite page!
Henk Redjomoenawi, Almere, Netherlands

I’m an avid fan of 2L’s SACD productions!
Bret Mitchell, Stockton, CA

I greatly appreciate your reviews of hi-res audio/video discs.
Robert Croft, Boulder, CO

Thank you for your focus on multichannel music!
Brendan Gaul, Tempe, AZ

I love!
Robert Keiser, Bowie, MD

Thanks for the continuing excellent editorial reviews you provide…yours is the site I check just about every day. I appreciated the recent alert on the Oppo BD player upgrade option since I was a beta purchaser.
Patrick O’Connell, New York, NY

I’m looking forward to reading through this site…
David Stangret, Toronto, Canada

Love your reviews!
Larry Boden, Cincinnati, OH

I find your SACD, Blu-ray, and equipment reviews so useful I check your website daily. Keep up the good work!
Carl Albright, Geneva, IL

I love the web-zine and all the expert reviews contained therein. Keep up the superb work. I look forward to [it] with great anticipation.
Theodore Moyer, Reading, PA

Love this site!
Doug Makofka, Willow Grove, PA

Thanks for your great info and quick response to email questions!
Jon Mankowski, Portland, OR

Great Site. Keep Up the Good Work!
Calvin Taylor, Danville, KY

Interesting site. I visit you every day.
Thomas Roth, Stockholm, Sweden

I just enjoyed my first visit to your excellent site as the result of a Google search. I love it!!
Jay Ruehlen, Inglis, FL

I love baroque (Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, Telemann especially) and modern classical music (Debussy, Stravinsky, Messiaen, Ligeti, Zappa, etc.).
Richard Poulin, Quebec City, Canada

You guys are AWESOME!
Robert Keiser, Bowie, MD

Please sign me up for the chance to win amazing recordings! You have a great site…
Justin Higinbotham, Menlo Park, CA

Interested in SACD and hybrid SACD reviews and hi-res audio equipment evaluations.  I will spend lots of time getting to know this site.
Alan Ryder, B. C., Canada

I never miss your Audio News section. One of the best sources for up to date news on high resolution audio.
Jay Donnelly, Carlyle, IL

Great job on the site, it is one of my daily “must clicks”. I especially enjoy the SACD reviews. Keep it up and thanks again! WOW!
Noel Perrin, Indianapolis, IN

Review of the Marantz Prof CD Rec Model CDR300 by John Sunier was so thorough and straightforward, that even a totally new-to-the-recording-world person like myself benefited from it immensely. Thank you!
Siddarth Lodaya, Bangalore, India

Congratulations, keep your great work! Love your informative and enjoyable site.
Jose Garcia, Hatillo, Puerto Rico

Enjoy both the website and was a long-time listener of the radio series as well. I’ve collected CDs, SACDs, and DVD-As, as well as DVD-Video and Blu-Ray. High-end audiophile for ~25 years: the best hobby to get me to sit still and relax in pleasure! Sold all my LPs years ago, still somewhat regretful…..Thanks for your efforts here.
Lee Aldridge, Albuquerque, NM

I’m new to your web site, and like it a lot for your expertise, and love of high quality music. I love truth in all its forms, and I enjoy your insight and opinions because you seem to know and to care. Thanks for being there.
William Polson, Vinita, OK

I enjoy reading the SACD reviews and have made all new SACD purchases based on your 4/5 star reviews. Keep up the good work.
Carl Albright, Geneva, IL

Awesome site! I found the info I needed very quickly.
Alyza Gossat, Malvern East VIC, Australia

Just came across and am impressed with the quality and variety of your presentations!
Angelin Chang

I’m interested in all music, but it has to be a good recording. So, that’s what I find on your website. And I come back every week to read your new reviews. I’m specially interested in SACD.
Thanks for all the reading pleasures you give me and greetings from The Netherlands!

Peter Blokland, Netherlands

Great site for all CD, SACD, DVD-A. The best reviews I have read in all music reviews. Please keep up the great work.!!!!
Bruce Voigt. Atkinson, NH

I just want to say, “Thank You,” for having such a great site. I absolutely enjoy your reviews on all audio/audio issues/audio equip & depend on them to make my purchases. JOB WELL DONE ladies & gentlemen!
Jim Kovolsky, Seminole, FL

Great site with very interesting and informative reviews.  I try to visit 3-4 times a week.  Great contests too! Thanks!  Keep up the good work!
Leonard Ray, Southgate, MI

Keep up the good work!  I love the site and all of the great information and reviews.  It’s kinda like the old Sears Toy catalog was for me as a kid.  I think you know what I mean.
Noel Perrin, Indianapolis, IN

Love the website.  It’s been a terrific source of information for me.
Lee Scoggins, Boulder, CO

Audiophile Audition is my go-to site for all hi-res, multichannel reviews.
Brendan Gaul, Tempe, AZ

Your site is one of the brightest spots on the entire internet (at least for me), and is visited at least daily.
Bob Berkman, Newberry Springs, CA

Your magazine is the best on the Web.
Jessica Lambert, NYC

Glad to come across such a fine online audiophile resource!
Greg Walters, Kingwood, TX

I use your website everyday for reviews, etc., and have always respected your reviews and reviewer’s opinions.  ..use it a lot for my hi-res purchases. Keep up the good work.
Ralph Mazzeo Jr., Port Chester, NY

I just wanted to say in general that AudAud is incredible because it gives so many reviews to various classical and not only artists that are so hard to get these days. Many people read them and get information about rare or hard-to-find recordings and discover wonderful music they would otherwise never hear of.
Alexey Gorokholinskiy, NYC

Just heard about Zenph recordings on an NPR music show and it led me to your interesting site. Looking forward to perusing it further.
Ken Browd, Brooklyn, NY

This is my favorite source for finding media I might not otherwise consider. Keep up the good work!
Doug Makofka, Willow Grove, PA

I love reading Gary Lemco’s reviews of classical music!
Donald Wright, San Jose, CA

I’m basically “old school” except that I opted very early for CDs. Listen to mostly classical music at least 5-6 hours a day.   I still have exceptional hearing at age 69 and hope to appreciate great music to the very end.
Marty Kastriner, Westborough, MA

My CD/SACD collection is always in a state of flux whereby I let some discs go and acquire other new ones. AudAud is a favorite read online because of the classical/jazz reviews and the smart EZ-to-read layout.
Brian Trout, Cape Verde, AZ

I remember John Sunier’s Audiophile Audition [radio program] like it was yesterday!  I’m not sure if it was on WFMT or the late WNIB station. As a poor audiophile I dream about getting a state-of-the art system. I am here at the library and just discovered your website. I think it was from a link from BIC speakers which I just thought about after seeing an ad in an old hi-fi magazine. I will regularly look at this website for reviews of equipment and CDs I might be able to get…
Gary Leavitt, Skokie, IL

Great site and worthwhile reviews – have bought a lot of music after being informed by your reviews.
Michael Dixon, Portland, OR

Love the site!  I especially appreciate the hi-res reviews.
Sam Young, Sewell NJ

After several years of reading AUDAUD monthly – and since your format switch to daily – it is time for me to thank you for your website and reviews. In particular, thank you for the reviews by Gary Lemco, which combine personal stream-of-consciousness reflections with deep catalog experience of every recording ever made. I wish I knew as much about anything as he does about historical recordings!
David Altschuler, Los Angeles

Great site! I’ve purchased many recordings based on your reviews… I need to know what sounds good in a world of crummy recordings. Thanks!
Marko, Queens, NY

I take great pleasure in reading your reviews of the latest CDs regularly.
Pierre Robitaille, Quebec, Canada

I look forward to visiting your site daily.
Bruce Scheiner, Levittown, NY

Love your site! One of the best for hi-res audio. Many thanks.
Lenny Cyment, Scottsdale, AZ

I love your reviews and your magazine. It’s very well written and a pleasure to spend time with it.
Fred Lacher, Albuquerque, NM

I love the site. Great reviews of recordings and equipment.
Theodore Moyer, Reading, PA

I really enjoy your thorough CD/SACD reviews. Makes what to buy next an easy choice. Thanks!
Michael Kidd, Palmyra, VA

Just learned of your (web) magazine! Am exploring and so far finding it interesting. I started out with Hi-Fi Stereo Review way back and dropped it when it went video. It is nice to find a place that still considers full specs important.
Donald Burgess, Needham, MA

Thanks for running a fine site.
Bert Ramsey, Nanaimo BC, Canada

I enjoy the equipment & jazz CD reviews.
Gerald Porzio, Brooklyn, NY

Thank you for the excellent resource!
Steve Pollock, Lancaster, CA

I remember hearing John on the radio but just discovered this site. I’ve got some catching up to do!
Robert Hesson, Jacksonville, FL

I used to listen to your radio program on NPR many years ago. I taped a few of the binaural audio programs on cassette and still enjoy them from time to time.
John Bailey, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

I love what you’re doing…why’d I take so long to find you?
Seymour Miles, New York, NY

Thanks Mr. S.! P.S.: I miss your show on NPR, but your web site is even better!
Bill Carroll, Loganville, GA

You provide a valuable service to the audiophile community. We need to all support each other if this audiophile hobby is to prosper. I just bought my first universal player and especially look forward to experiencing high end multichannel SACD/DVD-A.
David Sanford, Missouri City, TX

Just discovered your website … a fantastic resource, especially for someone like me who listens to certain types of music but would like to explore other types as well.
Laura Starrett, Villas, NJ

Great Site! – Love those SACD reviews.
John Hunter, Earlwood, Australia

Thanks for all the hi-res and equipment reviews.
Danny Tse, Castro Valley, CA

Best web site ever – Thank you!
Paul Gurney, Gauteng, South Africa

Love what you’re doing…Why’d I take so long to find you?
Seymour Miles, NYC

The finest and most complete Audio/Video website I ever came across; user friendly as well. Keep up the good work!
Henri Raymond, Montreal, Canada

I particularly find your news features timely, relevant, and interesting.
S. Andrea Sundaram, Benton Harbor, MI

I’m a pianist, love classical music to listen and to perform; at the moment I’m finishing postgraduate studies…your site is great! Just continue to be as smart as you are!
Vedrana, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Have read John Sunier for many years–since binaural days.
Michael Figliozzi, Glendale, CA

I really enjoy SACD sound and always enjoy a visit here for the latest reviews.
Shawn Dow, Moncton, New Brunswick

I rely on AudAud and ClassicsToday (supplemented by BBC and Gramophone) to guide my (predominantly) SACD purchases… I can’t afford to experiment!
John Bain, Brisbane, Australia

I just found your web-site, and interesting music reviews and hardware also. I am interested especially in SACDs, DVD-audios, dualdiscs and all good music.
Esa Karikoski, Finland

Love your website for surround sound information!
Bruce Hartley, Lenexa, KS

Thanks for reviewing surround sound titles, AudAud is the only such comprehensive online reviewer that I know of. My only comment would be to always try and mention how the surrounds, center and sub are representing the music.
Gary Pahler, Louisville, KY

Love the web site! Especially the SACD and DVD-A reviews. Keep it up, cause I’ll be reading!
Rod Morgan, Antioch, TN

My favorite CD review site on the web, particularly the classical reissues.
Stephen Fleschler

I find your site very helpful for research and information and as chairman of a 106- voice oratorio choir, I often look you up!
Mairtin O’Briain, Limerick City, Ireland

Love your website and your reviews of SACD and DVD Audio!!
Bruce Hartley, Lenexa, KS

The single biggest problem that I have with most print magazines is that they run out of pages before I am ready to put them down. With Audiophile Audition there is a plethora of information available to the point that I can read until my attention span is ready for a breather. Not only is there a thorough amount of information in the current month but there is an archive that allows me to catch up on all of the information that was available before I found the web site. The information also seems to be very professionally written and fully encompasses each subject. Thank you for publishing! I just wish I had found your site sooner.

As usual the quality and depth put into your reviews not only show passion for HI-REZ music but all music. Keep up the good work and I look forward to each new batch of reviews.
Peter Wilson, Ontario, Canada

What a top site I have just come across — full of interesting subjects!
Ken Clark, Ulladulla, Australia

Love the SACD and Hi-Res Reviews!
Bill Myers, Nashville, Tennessee

Excellent reference website for new classical music DVD releases.
Gabriel Diaz A., Rio Rico, Arizona

As a jazz broadcaster, reviewer, and technology freak/audiophile, it was a delight to come across your site by a chance referral looking for a review of noise-reducing phones. Nice to see a review from someone with similar taste for a change, rather than trying to second-guess the assessment of a metal/ grunge/ pop/ techno fan, who doesn’t seem to have any classical or jazz music for reviewing purposes. I will delve further into the site, which has been added to my bookmarks.
Chris Caine, Isle of Man, UK

I really like your easy-to-read web design. As always, the content is what I enjoy the most.
Leonard Gross, Houston

Just found you! Looks like a refreshing “second-take” for a sometimes-annoyed Stereophile reader.
Manfred Bracklow, Portland, Maine

As I’ve commented to John Sunier on several occasions, is the most comprehensive music reviewing site. Period.
Peter Wilson, Canada

Great magazine, and very useful for pre-selecting my hi-res audio! Thank you very much!
Ernst Schwerdt, Netherlands

Excellent site; on the cutting edge.
Mel Bernay, Plover, WI

One great thing about Audiophile Audition is the comprehensive reviews of NON-audiophile vintage classical reissues – brilliant performances recorded well before the “hi-fi” era. This is about the only place online that I know of where I can keep track of these unique independent reissues.
Dan C, Windy, Wyoming

Just found your site – very nice. I’m just getting into DVD-A and SACD; I appreciate the hi-res disc reviews.
Tim Fluharty, Torrance, CA

I enjoyed your site and am putting it before my audiophile colleagues who might not know of it.
Doug Dempsey, Brooklyn, NY

I always enjoy your informative articles. Keep up the great work. Great site, guys.
Wesley Schamehorn, Invercargill, New Zealand

Great Site – I do a lot of SACD purchasing based on your reviews.
Mitch Gurowitz, Piscataway, NJ

Excellent, very helpful, informative.
Marc Stergionis, Great Falls, Montana

Love your hi-res reviews. You have the best site on the web for that!!
Bruce Hartley, Lenexa, Kansas

Love your SACD reviews!
Russell Low, San Francisco, California

I love your website. I visit it often. Very informative.
Donley Fisher, Amherst, Ohio

I love Audiophile Audition so I can read about the latest products!!
Fred Kokchin, USA

I really appreciate your reviews of SACD and DVD Audio discs and commentary. Thanks for being a nice resource on good sound!
Kent Teffeteller, Athens, Tennessee

Enjoy all of the reviews, high definition coverage and equipment coverage, in particular.
Glen Walushka, Alberta, Canada

I am now fully rigged for 5.1 multichannel…love the reviews of multichannel discs. It enables me to selectively add to my library without disappointments.
Max Young, Richmond, VA

Excellent set of hi-res music reviews this month.
Harry Lavo, Holyoke, Massachusetts

It is a long way from any audiophile or music shop so I rely heavily on sources such as yours to discover new gear and tunes. Keep up the great work!
Ron Ewing, Nova Scotia, Canada

Great web site. Really appreciate your reviews.
Don Brewer, Seattle, Washington

As I am new here, I first would like to rate your site as being very interesting!
Michels Koen, Zingem, Belgium

Excellent reviews of the latest CDs/SACDs.
Kees Kort, Apeldoom, Netherlands

A well thought-out site, easy to navigate. I look in every week to whats new or search the archive for a review. Keep up the good work.
Alan Leach, Mandelieu, France

A much-needed mag for those interested in good sound.
Bruce Scheiner, Levittown, New York

Like the fact you review classical/pop/jazz.
Jean-Marc Serre, Quebec, Canada

This is a great site, look forward to the SACD reviews.
James Askew, New York, New York

Excellent, concise reviews.
Ken Rasek, Bettendorf, Iowa

Great web site–very useful and well written.
Jamie Burr, Larchmont, New York

Hello! What an incredible site!!!
Laurie Conrad (composer)

I’ve been a daily reader of your site for a long time now! Now, I’m an even bigger fan!
Bearcat Sandor, Seeley Lake, Montana

Outstanding ezine. For software, peerless.
Melvyn Meer

I found your site listed as part of a description for an SACD player I was bidding on at eBay. This is just what I’ve been looking for! I do like your current format and found it to be very easy to navigate.
Dave Goepel

Congratulations on your intriguing web site !
Frank Zoeckler, San Juan Capistrano, California

Just found your site through an Ecoustics survey… Looks great!
Lenny, Concord, California

Thanks so very much for the good news.  I look forward to receiving the [drawing] prize.  I check your website 3-4 times a week to read the very well-written and considerate reviews.  I am a big supporter of classical music and appreciate the work that your website does to promote this genre.
Phillip, Pikeville, KY

Your publication is brilliant – I found it when researching the stereo Toscanini recordings re-issued by Pristine Classical. Keep up the fine work. I read you daily.
Dan Dixon, Benicia, CA

Thanks so much!  And keep up the good work.  I lean pretty heavily on your reviews, and it’s great to have a resource out there for all varieties of physical music media…
Tom Morrissey, Brookline, MA

I enjoy reading reviews of potential CD/SACD purchases and am looking to move into high-res download. Opinions as expressed in an electronic publication of this type are invaluable in my decision- making and something I enjoy reading very much.
David Gee, Armidale, Australia

I continue to love this site. It is my go-to site for audiophile reviews and multichannel information.
Brendan Gaul, Tempe, AZ

Great site with interesting reviews, particularly enjoy the classical reissues section. Great sweepstakes with some really nice prizes.
Leonard Ray, Southgate, MI

Thank you so much.  As my wife will testify, I visit your site twice a day, every day, which I find most helpful and informative.  Too many reviews of hybrid discs pay no attention to the sound quality of the high-resolution layer, so I especially welcome the comments of your reviewers on that score.  I have felt that what we classical listeners lack in numbers we make up for in intensity of interest and commitment, so please know how much I value your site.
Frans Coetzee, Potomac, MD

I was very glad to see this, John. Thanks much. A long-time Tati fan, I have Les Vacances de M. Hulot and Playtime and remember with pleasure, but haven’t been able to find for a long time Jour de Fête, other than in a region format that won’t play on my Oppo player. Now all three versions of the film are included here. Ordered the set from Amazon. Thanks again!
Marshall Taylor, Radnor, PA